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Spaces of Kleinian Groups

Yair Minsky, Makoto Sakuma, and Caroline Series
Cambridge University Press
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London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 329
We do not plan to review this book.

 Preface Y. Minsky, M. Sakuma and C. Series; 1. Drilling short geodesics in hyperbolic-3 manifolds K. Bromberg; 2. On topologically tame Kleinian groups with bounded geometry K. Oshika & H. Miyachi; 3. An extension of the Masur domain C. Lecuire; 4. Thurston's bending measure conjecture for once punctured torus groups C. Series; 5. Complexity of 3-manifolds B. Martelli; 6. Moduli of continuity of Cannon-Thurston maps H. Miyachi; 7. Variations of McShane's identity for punctured surface groups H. Akiyoshi, H. Miyachi and M. Sakuma; 8. Train tracks and the Gromov boundary of the complex of curves U. Hamenstädt; 9. The pants complex only has one end H. Masur and S. Schleimer; 10. The Weil-Petersson geometry of the five-times punctured sphere J. Aramayona; 11. Convexity of geodesic-length functions: a reprise S. A. Wolpert; 12. A proof of the Ahlfors finiteness theorem A. Marden; 13. On the automorphic functions for Fuchsian groups of genus two Y. Komori; 14. Boundaries for two-parabolic Schottky groups J. Gilman; 15. Searching for the cusp D. J. Wright; 16. Circle packings on surfaces with projective structures: a survey S. Kojima, S. Mizushima and S. P. Tan; 17. Grafting and components of quasi-fuchsian projective structures K. Ito; 18. Computer experiments on the discreteness locus in projective structures Y. Yamashita.