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Selected Topics in Cancer Modeling: Genesis, Evolution, Immune Competition, and Therapy

Nicola Bellomo, Mark Chaplain, and Elena De Angelis, editors
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Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Technology
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List of Contributors

Genetic and Epigenetic Pathways to Colon Cancer: Relating Experimental Evidence with Modeling / N. L. Komarova, D. Wodarz, C. R. Boland, and A. Goel

From Kinetic Theory for Active Particles to Modelling Immune Competition / A. Bellouquid and M. Delitala

Towards Microscopic and Nonlocal Models of Tumour Invasion of Tissue / M. Lachowicz

Nonlinear Renewal Equations / B. Perthame and S. K. Tumuluri

A Game Theoretical Perspective on the Somatic Evolution of Cancer / D. Basanta and A. Deutsch

Nonlinear Modeling and Simulation of Tumor Growth / V. Cristini, H. B. Frieboes, X. Li, J. S. Lowengrub, P. Macklin, S. Sanga, S. M. Wise, and X. Zheng

Tumour Cords and Their Response to Anticancer Agents / A. Bertuzzi, A. Fasano, A. Gandolfi, and C. Sinisgalli

Modeling Diffusely Invading Brain Tumors: An Individualized Approach to Quantifying Glioma Evolution and Response to Therapy / R. Rockne, E. C. Alvord Jr., M. Szeto, S. Gu, G. Chakraborty, and K. R. Swanson

Multiphase Models of Tumour Growth / S. Astanin and L. Preziosi

The Lymphatic Vascular System in Lymphangiogenesis, Invasion and Metastasis: A Mathematical Approach / M. S. Pepper and G. Lolas

M for Invasion: Morphology, Mutation and the Microenvironment / A. R. A. Anderson

Methods of Stochastic Geometry, and Related Statistical Problems in the Analysis and Therapy of Tumour Growth and Tumour-Driven Angiogenesis / V. Capasso, E. Dejana, and A. Micheletti

Mathematical Modelling of Breast Carcinogenesis, Treatment with Surgery and Radiotherapy, and Local Recurrence / H. Enderling and J. S. Vaidya

Predictive Models in Tumour Immunology / P.-L. Lollini, A. Palladini, F. Pappalardo, and S. Motta

Dynamically Adaptive Tumour-Induced Angiogenesis: The Impact of Flow on the Developing Capillary Plexus / S. R. McDougall

Dynamic Irregular Patterns and Invasive Wavefronts: The Control of Tumour Growth by Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes / A. Matzavinos

Multiscale Modelling of Solid Tumour Growth / H. M. Byrne, I. M. M. van Leeuwen, M. R. Owen, T. Alarcón, and P. K. Maini