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Resources for Teaching Discrete Mathematics: Classroom Projects, History Modules, and Articles

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Brian Hopkins, editor
Mathematical Association of America
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MAA Notes 74
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Michael Rowell
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Resources For Teaching Discrete Mathematics provides 30 classroom projects and 5 articles related to a first course in discrete mathematics. The book is not intended to be a guide for teaching the course, but provides many useful materials that could help in developing a fun and effective class.

The projects are presented as two groups: mathematical projects and historical projects. Each of the mathematical projects begins with a summary, background and notes for the instructor and lead into a student worksheet or problems. Most projects also have additional or more difficult problems to accommodate those students looking for more of a challenge. The historical projects also contain mathematics and problems but are historically based. There is a lot to be learned in these sections for both students and teachers. All of the projects are well written and most importantly, have been used successfully in the classroom.

The articles are also presented as two groups. The first group extends the topics to a level beyond a first course in discrete math and the second group relates to pedagogy.

Overall, the book would serve as an excellent resource for teachers looking to add a deeper level of understanding to their courses and to step away from boring lectures.

Michael Rowell is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Pacific University. His research interests are in Combinatorics and Number Theory. His website is and his email is


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