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Resources for Preparing Middle School Mathematics Teachers

Cheryl Beaver, Laurie Burton, Maria Fung, and Klay Kruczek, editors
Mathematical Association of America
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MAA Notes 80
[Reviewed by
Suzanne Caulk
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Playing a role in the preparation of middle school mathematics teachers is fun and challenging. It can often be difficult, however, to find course materials aimed at this particular group of teachers. Resources for Preparing Middle School Mathematics Teachers is a treasure trove of ideas and materials designed to support educators preparing these instructors.

The first half of the book contains descriptions of programs preparing pre-service teachers and another section about programs for in-service teachers. These articles contain many details, including program requirements, course descriptions, bibliographies, comparisons to other programs, challenges in running the programs, and reflections on what has been accomplished and where these programs are heading. The descriptions often give the context of the programs, so that one has an idea not only of the characteristics of the people being served by them, but also of the size and resources of the departments providing the programs. Syllabi are often included in these articles or as appendices and examples of activities for use in the class are provided and can be a nice way to help you test out these ideas and create your own class activities.

The last half of the book contains descriptions of specific courses designed to prepare middle school mathematics teachers. Again, syllabi and detailed course descriptions and syllabi are provided. You will also find content specific activities and assignments in this section. There are often descriptions of how to assess the students, reports of student experiences, and upbeat concluding sections that end the article on a note of encouragement.

This book has all the materials and wisdom to help get you started in the education of middle school mathematics teachers or it can help you refine and re-ignite your ideas if you are already experienced in this field. 

Suzanne Caulk is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Regis University in Denver, CO.  She is very interested in modular forms and mathematics education.

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