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Representations, Wavelets, and Frames: A Celebratiion of the Mathematical Work of Lawrence W. Baggett

Palle E. T. Jorgensen, Kathy D. Merrill, and Judith A. Packer, editors
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Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis
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Foreword.-Preface.-Acknowledgments.-Mathematical Family Tree of Lawrence W. Baggett.-Publications of Lawrence W. Baggett.-Co-Workers of Lawrence W. Baggett.-Titles of All Talks.-Part I. Classical and Abstract Harmonic Analysis.- Some Riemann Sums are Better than Others by V.W. Guillemin and D.W. Stroock.-Gelfand Pairs Associated with Finite Heisenberg Groups by C. Benson and G. Ratcliff.-Groups with Atomic Regular Representation by K.F. Taylor.-Wavelet Transforms and Admissible Group Representations by E. Weber.-Part II: Frames and Multiresolution Structures.-The Density Theorem and the Homogeneous Approximation Property for Gabor Frames by C. Heil.-Recent Developments on Dual Wavelet Frames by B. Han.-Characteristic Wavelet Equations and Generalizations of the Spectral Function by V. Furst.-Baggett’s Problem for Frame Wavelets by M. Bownik.-Part III: Wavelet Sets.-Simple Wavelet Sets for Scalar Dilations in R2 by K.D. Merrill.-Interpolation Maps and Congruence Domains for Wavelet Sets by X. Zhang and D.R. Larson.-Part IV: Applications to Dynamical Systems and C*-Algebras.-Orthogonal Exponentials for Bernoulli Iterated Function Systems by P.E.T. Jorgensen, K. Kornelson, and K. Shuman.-A Survey of Projective Multiresolution Analyses and a Projective Multiresolution Analysis Corresponding to the Quincunx Lattice by J.A. Packer.-Part V: Signal and Image Processing.-Sampling and Time-Frequency Localization of Bandlimited and Multiband Signals by J.A. Hogan and J.D. Lakey.-Entropy Encoding in Wavelet Image Compression by M.-S. Song.-Symbols.-Index.