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Recent Advances in Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics

Nikolai Chernov, Yulia Karpeshina, Ian W. Knowles, Roger T. Lewis, and Rudi Weikard, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 412
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  • A. A. Balinsky and W. D. Evans -- Zero modes of Pauli and Weyl-Dirac operators
  • R. D. Benguria -- The Lane-Emden equation revisited
  • C. Bennewitz -- A Paley-Wiener theorem with applications to inverse spectral theory
  • B. M. Brown and M. S. P. Eastham -- Zero-free regions for Jost functions: The Bessel case
  • G.-Q. Chen -- Concentration in solutions to hyperbolic conservation laws
  • J.-M. Combes, P. D. Hislop, and F. Klopp -- Local and global continuity of the integrated density of states
  • O. Costin, R. D. Costin, and J. L. Lebowitz -- Transition to the continuum of a particle in time-periodic potentials
  • D. Damanik -- Quantum dynamical bounds for one-dimensional quasicrystals
  • D. Gioev -- Lower order terms in Szegö theorems on Zoll manifolds
  • J. Glimm, S. Hou, Y.-H. Lee, D. H. Sharp, and K. Ye -- Solution error models for uncertainty quantification
  • J. A. Goldstein and I. Kombe -- Instantaneous blow up
  • G. A. Hagedorn -- Simplified semiclassical propagation estimates
  • M. Hitrik and I. Polterovich -- Resolvent expansions and trace regularizations for Schrödinger operators
  • V. Jaksic and C.-A. Pillet -- A note on the entropy production formula
  • V. Kostrykin, K. A. Makarov, and A. K. Motovilov -- Existence and uniqueness of solutions to the operator Riccati equation. A geometric approach
  • P. Kuchment and H. Zeng -- Asymptotics of spectra of Neumann Laplacians in thin domains
  • A. Laptev and O. Safronov -- Absolutely continuous spectrum of matrix valued Schrödinger operators
  • D. Lenz -- Ergodic theory and discrete one-dimensional random Schrödinger operators: Uniform existence of the Lyapunov exponent
  • E. H. Lieb and R. Seiringer -- Bose-Einstein condensation of dilute gases in traps
  • B. Nachtergaele, W. L. Spitzer, and S. Starr -- On the dynamics of interfaces in the ferromagnetic XXZ chain under weak perturbations
  • N. Pavlovic -- Bounds for sums of powers of eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators via the commutation method
  • L. Rey-Bellet -- Statistical mechanics of anharmonic lattices
  • R. Shvidkoy and Y. Latushkin -- The essential spectrum of the linearized 2d Euler operator is a vertical band
  • J. P. Solovej and W. L. Spitzer -- New coherent states and a new proof of the Scott correction
  • B. Su -- Remark on weak solutions of stationary conduction-convection problems
  • V. Tkachenko -- Spectrum of 1-d selfadjoint periodic differential operator of order 4
  • K. Trivisa -- BV estimates for $n x n$ systems of conservation laws
  • R. Weder -- The time-dependent approach to inverse scattering
  • R. Young -- Blowup in hyperbolic conservation laws