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Real and Complex Singularities

M. Manoel, M. C. Romero Fuster, and C. T. C. Wall, editors
Cambridge University Press
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The London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 380
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Preface C. T. C. Wall, M. C. Romero Fuster and M. Manoel
On a conjecture by A. Durfee E. Artal Bartolo, J. Carmona Ruber and A. Melle-Hernández
On normal embedding of complex algebraic surfaces L. Birbrair, A. Fernandes and W. D. Neumann
Local Euler obstruction, old and new, II Jean-Paul Brasselet and Nivaldo G. Grulha, Jr
Branching of periodic orbits in reversible Hamiltonian systems C. A. Buzzi, L. A. Roberto and M. A. Teixeira
Topological invariance of the index of a binary differential equation L. S. Challapa
About the existence of Milnor fibrations J. L. Cisneros-Molina and R. N. Araújo dos Santos
Counting hypersurfaces invariant by one-dimensional complex foliations Mauricio Corrêa, Jr and Márcio G. Soares
A note on topological contact equivalence J. C. F. Costa
Bi-Lipschitz equivalence, integral closure and invariants Terence Gaffney
Solutions to PDEs and stratification conditions Terence Gaffney
Real integral closure and Milnor fibrations Terence Gaffney and R. N. Araújo dos Santos
Surfaces around closed principal curvature lines, an inverse problem R. Garcia, L. F. Mello and J. Sotomayor
Euler characteristics and atypical values Helmut A. Hamm
Answer to a question of Zariski A. Hefez and M. E. Hernandes
Projections of timelike surfaces in the de Sitter space Shyuichi Izumiya and Farid Tari
Spacelike submanifolds of codimension at most two in de Sitter space M. Kasedou
The geometry of Hopf and saddle-node bifurcations for waves of Hodgkin-Huxley type Isabel S. Labouriau and Paulo R. F. Pinto
Global classifications and graphs J. Martínez-Alfaro, C. Mendes de Jesus and M. C. Romero-Fuster
Real analytic Milnor fibrations and a strong Lojasiewicz inequality David B. Massey
An estimate of the degree of L-determinacy by the degree of A-determinacy for curve germs T. Nishimura
Regularity of the transverse intersection of two regular stratifications Patrice Orro and David Trotman
Pairs of foliations on surfaces Farid Tari
Bi-Lipschitz equisingularity David Trotman
Gaffney's work on equisingularity C. T. C. Wall
Singularities in algebraic data acquisition Y. Yomdin.