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Quanta of Maths

Etienne Blanchard, David Ellwood, Masoud Khalkhali, Matilde Marcolli, henri Moscovici, and Sorin Popa, editors
American Mathematical Society/Clay Mathematics Institute
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Clay Mathematics Proceedings 11
We do not plan to review this book.
  • P. Baum, N. Higson, and T. Schick -- A geometric description of equivariant \(K\)-homology for proper actions
  • D. Bisch, P. Das, and S. K. Ghosh -- The planar algebra of diagonal subfactors
  • E. Blanchard -- \(K_1\)-injectivity for properly infinite \(C^*\)-algebras
  • S. Brain and G. Landi -- Families of monads and instantons from a noncommutative ADHM construction
  • D. Burghelea -- Cyclic theory for commutative differential graded algebras and S-cohomology
  • P. Cartier -- Vinberg algebras, Lie groups and combinatorics
  • A. H. Chamseddine -- Noncommutative geometry as the key to unlock the secrets of space-time
  • J. Cuntz and X. Li -- The regular \(C^*\)-algebra of an integral domain
  • M. Dubois-Violette -- Noncommutative coordinate algebras
  • A. Guionnet, V. F. R. Jones, and D. Shlyakhtenko -- Random matrices, free probability, planar algebras and subfactors
  • N. Higson -- The tangent groupoid and the index theorem
  • M. Karoubi -- Le théorème de périodicité en \(K\)-théorie hermitienne
  • M. Khalkhali -- A short survey of cyclic cohomology
  • D. Kreimer -- The core Hopf algebra
  • V. Lafforgue -- Propriété (T) renforcée et conjecture de Baum-Connes
  • J.-L. Loday and M. Ronco -- Combinatorial Hopf algebras
  • Yu. I. Manin -- Cyclotomy and analytic geometry over \(\mathbb{F}_1\)
  • M. Marcolli -- Motivic renormalization and singularities
  • F. Martin and A. Valette -- Free groups and reduced 1-cohomology of unitary representations
  • H. Moscovici -- Local index formula and twisted spectral triples
  • A. Perez and C. Rovelli -- Observables in quantum gravity
  • S. Popa and S. Vaes -- On the fundamental group of \(\mathrm{II}_1\) factors and equivalence relations arising from group actions
  • M. A. Rieffel -- Leibniz seminorms for "matrix algebras converge to the sphere"
  • J. Simons and D. Sullivan -- Structured vector bundles define differential \(K\)-theory
  • E. Størmer -- Entropy in operator algebras
  • R. Wulkenhaar -- Non-compact spectral triples with finite volume
  • G. Yu -- A characterization of the image of the Baum-Connes map
  • D. Zagier -- Quantum modular forms