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Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, Volume I: Plenary Lectures and Ceremonies

Rajendra Bhatia, editor
World Scientific/ Hindustan Book Agency
Publication Date: 
We do not plan to review this book.
  • Volume I:
    • The Work of Winners of the Fields Medal, the Nevanlinna, the Gauss and the Chern Prizes
    • The Work of Elon Lindenstrauss (Harry Furstenberg)
    • The Work of Ngô Bao Châu (James Arthur)
    • The Work of Stanislav Smirnov (Harry Kesten)
    • The Work of Cédric Villani (Horng-Tzer Yau)
    • The Work of Daniel A Spielman (Gil Kalai)
    • The Work of Yves Meyer (Ingrid Daubechies)
    • The Work of Louis Nirenberg (YanYan Li)
    • Exchangeability and Continuum Limits of Discrete Random Structures (David J Aldous)
    • Dynamics of Renormalization Operators (Artur Avila)
    • Highly Composite (R Balasubramanian)
    • Endoscopy Theory of Automorphic Forms (Ngô Bao Châu)
    • On the Controllability of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (Jean-Michel Coron)
    • Probabilistically Checkable Proofs and Codes (Irit Dinur)
    • Ergodic Structures and Non-conventional Ergodic Theorems (Hillel Furstenberg)
    • Isogeometric Analysis (Thomas J R Hughes)
    • Recent Developments on the Global Behavior to Critical Nonlinear Dispersive Equations (Carlos E Kenig)
    • Arithmetic of Linear Algebraic Groups over Two-dimensional Fields (R Parimala)
    • Representations of Higher Adelic Groups and Arithmetic (A N Parshin)
    • Backward Stochastic Differential Equation, Nonlinear Expectation and Their Applications (Shige Peng)
    • “Indian” Rules, “Yavana” Rules: Foreign Identity and the Transmission of Mathematics (Kim Plofker)
    • Riemannian Manifolds of Positive Curvature (Richard Schoen)
    • On the Cohomology of Algebraic Varieties (Claire Voisin)
    • Strong Axioms of Infinity and the Search for V (W Hugh Woodin)
    • Equidistribution in Homogeneous Spaces and Number Theory (Elon Lindenstrauss (Fields Medal))
    • Cluster Categories (Idun Reiten (Emmy Noether Lecture))
    • Discrete Complex Analysis and Probability (Stanislav Smirnov (Fields Medal))
    • Large Deviations (S R S Varadhan (Abel Lecture))
    • Landau Damping (Cédric Villani (Fields Medal))
    • A Continuous Path from School Calculus to University Analysis (W T Gowers)
    • Relations between the Discipline and the School Mathematics in Latin American and Caribbean Countries (Carlos Bosch)
    • Live Mathematics and Classroom Processes (R Ramanujam)
    • Mathematical Knowledge in Processes of Teaching and Learning at School — Its Specific Nature and Epistemological Status (Heinz Steinbring)
    • Symbolic Power and Mathematics (Ole Skovsmose)
    • Communicating Mathematics to Society at Large (Günter M Ziegler)
    • The Role of Mathematicians in Popularization of Mathematics (Christiane Rousseau)
    • Round Table: The Use of Metrics in Evaluating Research (J M Ball)
    • Mechanisms for Strengthening Mathematics in Developing Countries (Stephen Huggett)