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Probabilistic Approach to Geometry

Motoko Kotani, Masanori Hino, and Takashi Kumagai, editors
Mathematical Society of Japan
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Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics 57
We do not plan to review this book.
  • S. Aida -- Rough path analysis: An introduction
  • M. Arnaudon and A. Thalmaier -- Li-Yau type gradient estimates and Harnack inequalities by stochastic analysis
  • A. Atsuji -- Estimates on the number of the omitted values by meromorphic functions
  • K. D. Elworthy -- Stochastic flows and geometric analysis on path spaces
  • R. Friedrich -- The global geometry of stochastic Lœwner evolutions
  • R. Fukushima, A. Tanida, and K. Yano -- Non-Markov property of certain eigenvalue processes analogous to Dyson's model
  • K. Hara -- Rough path conditions for smooth paths
  • T. Hattori and A. Kasue -- Functions of finite Dirichlet sums and compactifications of infinite graphs
  • Y. Inahama -- A note on rough differential equations with unbounded coefficients
  • H. Izeki -- A fixed-point property of finitely generated groups and an energy of equivariant maps
  • N. Juillet -- On a method to disprove generalized Brunn-Minkowski inequalities
  • V. A. Kaimanovich and F. Sobieczky -- Stochastic homogenization of horospheric tree products
  • N. Kajino -- Remarks on non-diagonality conditions for Sierpinski carpets
  • T. Kato -- Pattern formation from projectively dynamical systems and iterations by families of maps
  • T. Kondo -- Fixed-point theorems for random groups
  • K. Kuwada -- Couplings of the Brownian motion via discrete approximation under lower Ricci curvature bounds
  • K. Kuwae and T. Shioya -- Infinitesimal Bishop-Gromov condition for Alexandrov spaces
  • H. Matsuzoe -- Statistical manifolds and affine differential geometry
  • S. Ohta -- Optimal transport and Ricci curvature in Finsler geometry
  • Y. Ollivier -- A survey of Ricci curvature for metric spaces and Markov chains
  • V. Pestov -- Concentration of measure and whirly actions of Polish groups
  • L. Saloff-Coste -- The heat kernel and its estimates
  • I. Shigekawa -- Non-symmetric diffusions on a Riemannian manifold
  • A. Takatsu -- On Wasserstein geometry of Gaussian measures
  • S. Watanabe -- A limit theorem in singular regression problem
  • K. Yano -- Two kinds of conditionings for stable Lévy processes
  • T. Yokota -- A gap theorem for ancient solutions to the Ricci flow