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Parenting and Professing: Balancing Family Work with an Academic Career

Rachel Hile Bassett, editor
Vanderbuilt University Press
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 Part I. Challenges
Foreword Andrea O’Reilly
Introduction Rachel Hile Bassett
La estudiante caminante: My (m)other works (t)here Shimberlee Jirón-King
The Language of Parenting Marc Christensen
Escaping Autism: Balancing Motherhood and Academia Katharine Lane Antolini
Choosing Motherhood as a Female Chemist Donna J. Nelson
Tenure-Track to Mommy-Track: In Search of My Scholarly Self Janice Rieman
Madonna With Child: Untenured, But Not Undone Cindy Patey Brewer
Twins and the Academic Career Kathryn Jacobs
Hiding the Baby Gale Walden
The One With the Baby: Single-Mothering in Academia Tarshia L. Stanley
Part II. Possibilities
Today, She’s Just Mama Lorretta Holloway
Mary Was an Adjunct Norma Tilden
Pregnant With Meaning: A Mother’s Sojourn in the Academy Nancy Gerber
Elemental MoThEr Michelle M. Francl-Donnay
Chuck E. Cheese at Noon: Adventures in Parenting and Higher Education Susan Jacobowitz
Great Expectations: An Academic’s Crash Course in Parenthood Heather Bouwman
The Two Thousand Mile Commute Lynn Z. Bloom
Science Mom Rachel Fink
Part III. Change
Boomerangst Kathleen B. Jones
Terms of Inclusion? Rejecting the Role of ‘Honorary Man’ in the Ivory Tower Alison M. Thomas
Through Foreign Eyes: Adoption Angles and Maternity-Leave Suggestions Christina E. Brantner
Mothers and ‘Others’ Providing Care Within and Outside of the Academy Gayle Letherby, Jen Marchbank, Karen Ramsay, and John Shiels
The Life I Didn’t Know I Wanted Rachel Hile Bassett
Living and Teaching Developmental Psychology in a Liberal Arts Setting: Blending of Mothering Roles Suzanne M. Cox
Of Diesels and Diapers: A Resident Alien in Motherland Anna Wilson