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Parallel Scientific Computing and Optimization: Advances and Applications

Raimondas Čiegas, David Henty, Bo Kågström, and Julius Žilinskas, editors
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Springer Optimization and Its Applications 27
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Preface.- Part I Parallel Algorithms for Matrix Computations.- RECSY and SCASY Library Software: Recursive Blocked and Parallel Algorithms for Sylvester-type Matrix Equations with Some Applications.- Parallelization of Linear Algebra Algorithms Using ParSol Library of Mathematical Objects.- The Developments of an Object-Oriented Parallel Block Preconditioning Framework.- A Sparse Linear System Solver Used in a Distributed and Heterogenous Grid Computing Environment.- Parallel Diagonalization Preformance on High Performance Computers.- Part II Parallel Optimization.- Parallel Global Optimization in Multidimensional Scaling.- High Performance Parallel Support Vector Machine Training.- Parallel Branch and Bound Algorithm with Combination of Lipschitz Bounds over Multidimensional Simplices for Multicore Computers.- Experimental Investigation of Local Searches for Optimization of Grillage-Type Foundations.- Part III Management of Parallel Programming Models and Data.- Comparison of the UK National Supercomputer Services: HPCx and HECToR.- DL_POLY_3 I/O: Analysis, Alternatives, and Future Strategies.- Mixed Mode Programming on HPCx.- A Structure Conveying Parallelisable Modelling Language for Mathematical Programming.- Computational Requirements for Pulsar Searches with the Square Kilometre Array.- Part IV Parallel Scientific Computing in Industrial Applications.- Parallel Multiblock Multigrid Algorithms for Poroelastic Models.- A Parallel Solver for the 3D Simulation of Flows Through Oil Filters.- High Performance Computing in Jet Aerodynamics.- Parallel Numerical Solver for the Simulation of the Heat Conduction in Electrical Cables.- Orthogonalization Procedure for Antisymmetrization of j-shell States.- Parallel Direct Numerical Simulation of an Annular Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Jet with Swirl.- Parallel Numerical Algorithm for the Traveling Wave Model.- Parallel Algorithm for Cell Dynamics Simulation of Soft Nano-Structured Matter.- Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Complexes of High and Low Reactive Substrates with Peroxidases.- Index.