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Optimization and Logistics Challenges in the Enterprise

W. Chaovalitwongse, K. C. Furman, and P. M. Pardalos, editors
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Springer Optimization and Its Applications 30
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Preface.- List of Contributors.- Part I: Process Industry.- 1. Challenges in Enterprisewide Optimization for the Process Industries (Ignacio E. Grossmann, Kevin C. Furman).- 2. Multiproduct Inventory Logistics Modeling in the Process Industries (Danielle Zyngier, Jeffrey D. Kelly).- 3. Modeling and Managing Uncertainty in Process Planning and Scheduling (Marianthi Ierapetritou, Zukui Li).- 4. A Relative Robust Optimization Approach for Full Factorial Scenario Design of Data Uncertainty and Ambiguity (Tiravat Assavapokee, Matthew J. Realff, Jane C. Ammons).- Part II: Supply Chain and Logistics Design.- 5. An Enterprise Risk Management Model for Supply Chains (John M. Mulvey, Hafize G. Erkan).- 6. Notes of using Optimization and DSS Techniques to Support Supply Chain and Logistics Operations (Tan Miller).- 7. On the Quadratic Programming Approach for Hub Location Problems (Xiaoz He, Anthony Chen, Wanpracha Art Chaovalitwongse, Henry Liu).- 8. Nested Partitions and its Applications to the Intermodal Hub Location Problem (Weiwei Chen, Liang Pi, Leyuan Shi).- Part III: Supply Chain Operation.- 9. Event-Time Models for Supply Chain Scheduling (Ömer S. Benli).- 10. A Dynamic and Data-Driven Approach to the News Vendor Problem Under Cyclical Demand(Gokhan Metan, Aurélie Thiele).- 11. Logic-based Multiobjective Optimization for Restoration Planning (Jing Gong, Earl E. Lee, John E Mitchell, William A. Wallace).- Part IV: Network and Transportation 12. The Aircraft Maintenance Routing Problem (Zhe Liang, Wanpracha Art Chaovalitwongse).- 13. The Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problem for Minimum Unmet Demand (Zhihong Shen, Fernando Ordóñez, Maged M. Dessouky).- 14. Collaboration in Cargo Transportation (Richa Agarwal, Özlem Ergun, Lori Houghtalen, Okan Orsan Ozener).- 15. Communication Models for a Cooperative Network of Autonomous Agents (Ashwin Arulselvan, Clayton W. Commander, Michael J. Hirsch, Panos M. Pardalos).