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Operator Theory, Operator Algebras, and Applications

Deguang Han, Palle E. T. Jorgensen, and David Royal Larson, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 414
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Applications, wavelets, dynamics, and quantum theory

  • X. Guo, Y. Diao, and X. Dai -- Weyl-Heisenberg frame wavelets with basic supports
  • P. E. T. Jorgensen -- Use of operator algebras in the analysis of measures from wavelets and iterated function systems
  • D. W. Kribs -- A brief introduction to operator quantum error correction
  • N. S. Larsen and I. Raeburn -- From filters to wavelets via direct limits
  • M.-S. Song -- Wavelet image compression

Operator theory and harmonic analysis

  • G. Bogveradze and L. P. Castro -- Wiener-Hopf plus Hankel operators on the real line with unitary and sectorial symbols
  • R. A. Cohen and M. E. Walter -- An explicit duality for finite groups
  • P. W. Ng -- The corona factorization property
  • A. P. Nolasco and L. P. Castro -- Factorization theory for Wiener-Hopf plus Hankel operators with almost periodic symbols

Non-commutative geometry

  • F. Luef -- On spectral invariance of non-commutative tori
  • M. A. Rieffel -- Lipschitz extension constants equal projection constants


  • P. E. T. Jorgensen -- Certain representations of the Cuntz relations, and a question on wavelets decompositions
  • H. Lin -- The Rokhlin property for automorphisms on simple $C^*$-algebras
  • S. Sakai -- Some recent topics on $C^*$-algebras and related problems
  • M. Tomforde -- Strong shift equivalence in the $C^*$-algebraic setting: Graphs and $C^*$-correspondences
  • T. Yeend -- Topological higher-rank graphs and the $C^*$-algebras of topological 1-graphs

von Neumann algebras

  • W. Arveson and R. V. Kadison -- Diagonals of self-adjoint operators
  • T. S. Bîldea -- On the Laplacian subalgebra of certain tensors of group von Neumann algebras

Frames in Hilbert space

  • W. Jing, D. Han, and R. N. Mohapatra -- Structured Parseval frames in Hilbert $C^*$-modules
  • D. R. Larson, W.-S. Tang, and E. Weber -- Robertson-type theorems for countable groups of unitary operators

The Kadison-Singer conjecture

  • P. G. Casazza, M. Fickus, J. C. Tremain, and E. Weber -- The Kadison-Singer problem in mathematics and engineering: A detailed account

Extensions and dilations

  • A. Alevras -- The gauge group of an $E_0$-semigroup
  • P. S. Muhly and B. Solel -- Extensions and dilations for $C^*$-dynamical systems
  • R. T. Powers and G. L. Price -- On some $E_0$-semigroups induced from $CP$-flows on $\mathfrak{B}(\mathfrak{h})$

Multivariable operator theory

  • H. Bercovici and D. Timotin -- Trace-class perturbations and functional calculus
  • J. Kim and R. L. Moore -- Rank preserving maps on CSL algebras