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Number Theory and Polynomials

James McKee and Chris Smyth
Cambridge University Press
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London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 352
We do not plan to review this book.

Preface; Index of authors; List of participants; Conference photograph, with key; The trace problem for totally positive algebraic integers Julián Aguirre and Juan Carlos Peral, with an appendix by Jean-Pierre Serre; Mahler's measure: from Number Theory to Geometry Marie José Bertin; Explicit calculation of elliptic fibrations of K3-surfaces and their Belyi-maps Frits Beukers and Hans Montanus; The merit factor problem Peter Borwein, Ron Ferguson and Joshua Knauer; Barker sequences and flat polynomials Peter Borwein and Michael Mossinghoff; The Hansen-Mullen primitivity conjecture: completion of proof Stephen Cohen and Mateja Prešern; An inequality for the multiplicity of the roots of a polynomial Artūras Dubickas; Newman's inequality for increasing exponential sums Tamás Erdélyi; On primitive divisors of n2 + b Graham Everest and Glyn Harman; Irreducibility and greatest common divisor algorithms for sparse polynomials Michael Filaseta, Andrew Granville and Andrzej Schinzel; Consequences of the continuity of the monic integer transfinite diameter Jan Hilmar; Nonlinear recurrence sequences and Laurent polynomials Andrew Hone; Conjugate algebraic numbers on conics: a survey James McKee; On polynomial ergodic averages and square functions Radhakrishnan Nair; Polynomial inequalities, Mahler's measure, and multipliers Igor E. Pritsker; Integer transfinite diameter and computation of polynomials Georges Rhin and Qiang Wu; Smooth divisors of polynomials Eira Scourfield; Self-inversive polynomials with all zeros on the unit circle Christopher Sinclair and Jeffrey Vaaler; The Mahler measure of algebraic numbers: a survey Chris Smyth.