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New Developments in Lie Theory and Geometry

Carolyn S. Gordon, Juan Tirao, Jorge A. Vargas, and Joseph A. Wolf, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 491
We do not plan to review this book.
  • J. Lauret -- Einstein solvmanifolds and nilsolitons
  • C. U. Sánchez -- Algebraic sets associated to isoparametric submanifolds
  • L. Ji -- Mostow strong rigidity and nonisomorphism for outer automorphism groups of free groups and mapping class groups
  • R. J. Miatello and J. P. Rossetti -- Spectral properties of flat manifolds
  • P. Gilkey -- Heat content, heat trace, and isospectrality
  • D. Burde, K. Dekimpe, and S. Deschamps -- LR-algebras
  • C. Benson and G. Ratcliff -- Combinatorial properties of generalized binomial coefficients
  • C. Benson and G. Ratcliff -- Spherical functions for the action of a finite unitary group on a finite Heisenberg group
  • S. Gurevich and R. Hadani -- Application of the Weil representation: Diagonalization of the discrete Fourier transform
  • J. A. Wolf -- Infinite dimensional multiplicity free spaces II: Limits of commutative nilmanifolds
  • L. Barchini and R. Zierau -- Certain components of Springer fibers: algorithms, examples and applications
  • E. Galina -- Weighted Vogan diagrams associated to real nilpotent orbits
  • M. Colarusso -- The Gelfand-Zeitlin integrable system and its action on generic elements of $mathfrak gl(n)$ and $mathfrak so(n)$
  • P. Eberlein and M. Jablonski -- Closed orbits of semisimple group actions and the real Hilbert-Mumford function
  • N. Andruskiewitsch and F. Fantino -- New techniques for pointed Hopf algebras