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Neural Fields

Stephen Coombes, Peter beim Graben, Roland Potthast, and James Wright, editors
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Preface.- 1.Tutorial on Neural Field Theory. S. Coombes, P. beim Graben and R. Potthast.- Part I Theory of Neural Fields.- 2.A Personal Account of the Development of the Field Theory of Large-Scale Brain Activity from 1945 Onward. J. Cowan.- 3.HeavisideWorld: Excitation and Self-Organization of Neural Fields. Shun-ichi Amari.- 4.Spatiotemporal Pattern Formation in Neural Fields with Linear Adaptation. G.B. Ermentrout, S.E. Folias and Z.P. Kilpatrick.- 5.PDE Methods for Two-Dimensional Neural Fields. C.R. Laing.- 6.Numerical Simulation Scheme of One- and Two Dimensional Neural Fields Involving Space-Dependent Delays. A. Hutt and N. Rougier.- 7.Spots: Breathing, Drifting and Scattering in a Neural Field Model. S. Coombes, H. Schmidt and D. Avitabile.- 8.Heterogeneous Connectivity in Neural Fields: A Stochastic Approach. C.A. Brackley and M.S. Turner.- 9.Stochastic Neural Field Theory. P.C. Bressloff.- 10.On the Electrodynamics of Neural Networks. P. beim Graben and S. Rodrigues.- Part II Applications of Neural Fields.- 11.Universal Neural Field Computation. P. beim Graben and R. Potthast.- 12.A Neural Approach to Cognition Based on Dynamic Field Theory. J. Lins and G. Schöner.- 13.A Dynamic Neural Field Approach to Natural and Efficient Human-Robot Collaboration. W. Erlhagen and E. Bicho.- 14.Neural Field Modelling of the Electroencephalogram: Physiological Insights and Practical Applications. D. T. J. Liley.- 15.Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in a Continuum Model of an Anesthetized Cortex. D.A. Steyn-Ross, M.L. Steyn-Ross, and J.W. Sleigh.- 16.Large Scale Brain Networks of Neural Fields. V. Jirsa.- 17.Neural Fields, Masses and Bayesian Modelling. D.A. Pinotsis and K.J. Friston.- 18.Neural Field Dynamics and the Evolution of the Cerebral Cortex. J.J. Wright and P.D. Bourke.- Index.