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Multiscale Cancer Modeling

Thomas S. deisboeck and gorgios S. Stamatakos, editors
Chapman & Hall/CRC
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Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology Series
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Evolution, Regulation and Disruption of Homeostasis and Its Role in Carcinogenesis, A.R.A. Anderson, D. Basanta, P. Gerlee, and K.A. Rejniak

Cancer Cell: Linking Oncogenic Signaling to Molecular Structure, J.E. Purvis, A.J. Shih, Y. Liu, and R. Radhakrishnan

Has Cancer Sculpted the Genome? Modeling Linkage and the Role of Tetraploidy in Neoplastic Progression, C.C. Maley, W. Lewis, and B.J. Reid

Catastrophes and Complex Networks in Genomically Unstable Tumorigenesis, R. Sole

A Stochastic Multiscale Model Framework for Intestinal Stem Cell Homeostasis, L.W. Jean and E.G. Luebeck

Multiscale Modeling of Colonic Crypts and Early Colorectal Cancer, A.G. Fletcher, G.R. Mirams, P.J. Murray, A. Walter, J.-W. Kang, K.-H. Cho, P.K. Maini, and H.M. Byrne

The Physical Microenvironment in Somatic Evolution of Cancer, R.A. Gatenby

Multiscale Modeling of Cell Motion in Three-Dimensional Environments, D. Harjanto and M.H. Zaman

Simulating Cancer Growth with Agent-Based Models, Z. Wang, V. Bordas, J. Sagotsky, and T.S. Deisboeck

Diffusional Instability as a Mechanism of Tumor Invasion, H.B. Frieboes, J. Lowengrub, and V. Cristini

Continuum Models of Mesenchymal Cell Migration and Sprouting Angiogenesis, M. Bergdorf, F. Milde, and P. Koumoutsakos

Do Tumor Invasion Strategies Follow Basic Physical Laws?, C. Guiot, P.P. Delsanto, and A.S. Gliozzi

Multiscale Mathematical Modeling of Vascular Tumor Growth: An Exercise in Transatlantic Cooperation, M.A.J. Chaplain, P. Macklin, S. McDougall, A.R.A. Anderson, V. Cristini, and J. Lowengrub

A Multiscale Simulation Framework for Modeling Solid Tumor Growth with an Explicit Vessel Network, S. Hirsch, B. Lloyd, D. Szczerba, and G. Székely

Building Stochastic Models for Cancer Growth and Treatment, N.L. Komarova

Bridging from Multiscale Modeling to Practical Clinical Applications in the Study of Human Gliomas, G. Chakraborty, R. Sodt, S. Massey, S. Gu, R. Rockne, E.C. Alvord, Jr., and K.R. Swanson

Personalization of Reaction-Diffusion Tumor Growth Models in MR Images: Application to Brain Gliomas Characterization and Radiotherapy Planning, E. Konukoglu, O. Clatz, H. Delingette, and N. Ayache

In Silico Oncology Part I: Clinically Oriented Cancer Multilevel Modeling Based on Discrete Event Simulation, G.S. Stamatakos

In Silico Oncology Part II: Clinical Requirements, N. Graf