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Milestones in Matrix Computation: The Selected Works of Gene H. Golub with Commentaries

Raymond H. Chan, Chen Greif, and Dianne P. O'Leary
Oxford University Press
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Gene H Golub
Biography , Chen Greif
Publications of Gene H. Golub
Major Awards
Students of Gene H. Golub
Iterative Methods for Linear Systems
Commentary , Anne Greenbaum
Chebyshev semi-iterative methods, successive over-relaxation iterative methods, and second-order Richardson iterative methods, Parts I and II , G Golub and R S Varga
A generalized conjugate gradient method for non-symmetric systems of linear equations , P Concus and G Golub
A generalized conjugate gradient method for the numerical solution of elliptic partial differential equations , P Concus, G Golub, D O'Leary
Hermitian and Skew-Hermitian splitting methods for non-Hermitian positive definite linear systems , Z-Z Bai, G Golub, M K Ng
Solution of Least Squares Problems
Commentary , Ake Bjorck
Numerical methods for solving linear least squares problems , G Golub
Singular value decomposition and least squares solutions , G Golub and C Reinsch
The differentiation of pseudo-inverses and non-linear least squares problems whose variables separate , G Golub and V Pereyra
Generalized cross-validation as a method for choosing a good ridge parameter , G Golub, M Heath, G Wahba
An analysis of the total least squares problem , G Golub and C Van Loan
Matrix Factorizations and Applications
Commentary , Nicholas Higham
Calculating the singular values and pseudo-inverse of a matrix , G Golub and W Kahan
The simplex method of linear programming using LU decomposition , R Bartels and G Golub
On direct methods for solving Poisson's equation , B L Buzbee, G Golub, C W Nielson
Numerical methods for computing angles between linear subspaces , A Bjorck, G Golub
Methods for modifying matrix factorizations , P Gill, G Golub, W Murray, M Saunders
Orthogonal Polynomials and Quadrature
Commentary , Walter Gautschi
Calculation of Gauss quadrature rules , G Golub, J Welsch
Matrices, moments and quadrature , G Golub, G Meurant
Computation of Gauss-Kronrod quadrature rules , D Calvetti, G Golub, W Gragg, L Reichel
Eigenvalue Problems
Commentary , G W Stewart
Some modified matrix eigenvalue problems , G Golub
Ill-conditioned eigensystems and the computation of the Jordan canonical form , G Golub, J Wilkinson
The block Lanczos method for computing eigenvalues , G Golub, R Underwood
The numerically stable reconstruction of a Jacobi matrix from spectral data , C de Boor, G Golub