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Mathematics, Magic and Mystery

Martin Gardner
Dover Publications
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The Basic Library List Committee recommends this book for acquisition by undergraduate mathematics libraries.

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  1. Tricks with Cards--Part I
    The Curiosities of Peirce
    The Five Poker Hands
    Tricks Using Cards as Counting Units
    The Piano Trick
    The Estimated Cut
    Tricks Using the Numerical Values
    Findley's Four-card Trick
    A Baffling Prediction
    Henry Christ's Improvement
    The Cyclic Number
    The Missing Card
    Jordan's Method
    Tricks Based on Division of Colors and Suits
    Stewart James' Color Prediction
    The Royal Pairs
    Tricks Using Front and Back
    Matching the Colors
    Hummer's Reversal Mystery
    The Little Moonies
  2. Tricks with Cards--Part II
    O'Connor's Four-ace Trick
    The Magic of Manhattan
    Predicting the Shift
    The Keystone Card Discovery
    Two-pile Location
    Spelling the Spades
    Elmsley's Card Coincidence
    Magic by Mail
    Belchou's Aces
    The Tit-Tat-Toe Trick
    Other Tricks of Interest
  3. From Gergonne to Gargantua
    Naming the Position of the Card
    Bringing the Card to a Named Position
    Walker's Method
    Naming the Card
    Relation to Ternary System
    Gargantua's Ten-pile Problem
  4. Magic with Common Objects
    Guessing the Total
    Frank Dodd's Prediction
    Positional Notation Tricks
    Hummer's Die Mystery
    The Break in the Chain
    The Row of Thirteen
    Magic Squares
    Gibson's Circled Dates
    Stover's Prediction
    Calendar Memorizing
    Tapping the Hours
    Die and Watch Mystery
    Dollar Bills
    Heath's Bill Trick
    The Three Heaps
    Match Folder Mind-Reading
    The Tramps and Chickens
    The Purloined Objects
    The Nine Mystery
    Which Hand?
    Heath's Variation
    Heads or Tails?
    Hummer's Checker Trick
    Miscellaneous Objects
    Hummer's Three-Object Divination
    Yates' Four-Object Divination
  5. Topological Tomfoolery
    The Afghan Bands
    Handkerchief Tricks
    Finger Escape
    Tabor's Interlocked Handkerchiefs
    Knotty Problems
    String and Rope
    Garter Tricks
    The Giant's Garter
    More String Tricks
    The Puzzling Loop
    Reversing the Vest
    Removing the Vest
    Rubber Bands
    The Jumping Band
    The Twisted Band
  6. Tricks with Special Equipment
    Number Cards
    Window Cards
    Sam Lloyd's Version
    Tap Tricks
    Crazy Time
    "Heath's "Tappit"
    The Riddle Card
    Dice and Domino Tricks
    "Heath's "Di-Ciphering"
    Sure-Shot Dice Box
    Blyth's Domino Box
    Blocks of India
    Hummer Tricks
  7. Geometrical Vanishes--Part I
    The Line Paradox
    Sam Lloyd's Flag Puzzle
    The Vanishing Face
    "Get Off the Earth"
    DeLand's Paradox
    The Vanishing Rabbit
    Stover's Variations
  8. Geometrical Vanishes--Part II
    The Checkerboard Paradox
    Hooper's Paradox
    Square Variation
    Fibonacci Series
    Langman's Version
    Curry's Paradox
    Curry Triangles
    Four-piece Squares
    Three-piece Squares
    Two-piece Squares
    Curved and 3-D Forms
  9. Magic with Pure Numbers
    Rapid Cube Root Extraction
    Adding a Fibonacci Series
    Predicting a Number
    Curry's Version
    Al Baker's Version
    Divining a Number
    The Mysteries of Nine
    Digital Roots
    Persistent Root
    Guessing Someone's Age
    An Addition Trick
    A Multiplication Trick
    The Mysteries of Seven
    Predicting a Sum
    "Al Baker's "Numero"
    Psychological Forces
  Name Index