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Mathematics: Key Technology for the Future

Willi Jäger and Hans-Joachim Krebs, editors
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[Reviewed by
Charles Ashbacher
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No true mathematician needs to be convinced of the value of mathematics, yet it is good for the mathematical component of our spirits to be reminded on regular occasions. That is certainly what this book will do for you. However, if you are not deeply familiar with the field being discussed, you may find it difficult to completely understand the explanation of the project. However, I am not sure that will be the real issue. I read a few of the papers to the point of understanding when the topic was one that I am more familiar with and simply read the others without stopping for complete comprehension of the mathematics.

The joy of the value of mathematics was still felt as I read those articles; in fact it makes you realize that if the major problems of energy and other limited resources are to be solved, it will be mathematics that leads the way. The papers are grouped into six categories:

  • Microelectronics
  • Thin films
  • Biochemical reactions and transport
  • Computer aided medicine
  • Transport, traffic, energy
  • Risk management in finance and insurance

The math is heavy, not for the faint of heart. Yet it can lift your heart when you realize that the blade in the cutting edge of technological progress is constructed from mathematics.

Charles Ashbacher splits his time between consulting with industry in projects involving math and computers, teaching college classes and co-editing The Journal of Recreational Mathematics. In his spare time, he reads about these things and helps his daughter in her lawn care business.