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Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics

Ingrid Beltita, Gheorghe Nenciu, and Radu Purice, editors
World Scientific
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  • Charge Transport and Determinants (S Bachmann & G M Graf)
  • The Integrated Density of States in Strong Magnetic Fields (P Briet & G R Raikov)
  • Geometrical Objects on Matrix Algebra (C Ciupală)
  • Self-Adjointness via Partial Hardy-Like Inequalities (M J Esteban & M Loss)
  • Interlaced Dense Point and Absolutely Continuous Spectra for Hamiltonians with Concentric-Shell Singular Interactions (P Exner & M Fraas)
  • Pointwise Existence of the Lyapunov Exponent for a Quasiperiodic Equation (A Fedotov & F Klopp)
  • Recent Advances about Localization in Continuum Random Schrödinger Operators with an Extension to Underlying Delonne Sets (F Germinet)
  • The Thermodynamic Limit of Quantum Coulomb Systems: A New Approach (C Hainzl et al.)
  • Spectral Properties of the BCS Gap Equation of Superfluidity (C Hainzl & R Seiringer)
  • Spectral Gaps for Periodic Schrödinger Operators with Hypersurface Magnetic Wells (B Helffer & Y A Kordyukov)
  • Asymptotic Entanglement in Open Quantum Dynamics (A Isar)
  • Repeated Interaction Quantum Systems: Deterministic and Random (A Joye)
  • The Mathematical Model of Scattering in Stepwise Waveguides (A V Lebedev & I A Shereshevskii)
  • Schrödinger Operators with Random d Magnetic Fields (T Mine & Y Nomura)
  • Mean Field Limit for Bosons and Semiclassical Techniques (F Nier)
  • Variational Principle for Hamiltonians with Degenerate Bottom (K Pankrashkin)
  • Vortices and Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Rotating Bose Gases (R Seiringer)
  • The Model of Interacting Spatial Permutations and Its Relation to the Bose Gas (D Ueltschi)
  • Boson Gas with BCS Interactions (V Zagrebnov)