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Mathematical Olympiad Treasures

Titu Andreescu and Bogdan Enescu
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Mohammed Aassila
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I took great pleasure in reading Mathematical Olympiad Treasures, by Titu Andreescu and Bogdan Enescu. This book is the fruit of the prodigious activity of two well-known creators of mathematics problems in various mathematical journals. Andreescu has written many books about olympiad-style problems, several of which have been reviewed here in the past.

Treasures is organized in six chapters. The first three deal with problems from algebra, geometry and trigonometry, number theory and combinatorics. Chapters 4, 5 and 6 give the solutions to problems presented in the first three chapters. In all the chapters, the reader can find numerous challenging problems. All featured solutions are interesting, given in increasing level of difficulty; some of them are real gems that will give great satisfaction to any math lover attempting to solve the problems — or even extend them. I believe strongly that Mathematical Olympiad Treasures will reveal the beauty of mathematics to all students, teachers and all math lovers.

Mohammed Aassila is a mathematics professor whose research area is analysis. He is interested in mathematics competitions and is the author of two books on the subject: 300 Défis Mathématiques and Olympiades Internationales de Mathématiques.

Part I: Problems. Algebra. Geometry and Trigonometry. Number Theory and Combinatorics.- Part II: Solutions. Algebra. Geometry and Trigonometry. Number Theory and Combinatorics. Glossary. Index of Notations. Index to the Problems.- Index.