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Math Everywhere: Deterministic and Stochastic Modelling in Biomedicine, Economics and Industry

Giacomo Aletti, Martin Burger, Alessandra Micheletti, and Daniela Morale, editors
Springer Verlag
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  • Introduction Willi Jaeger
  • Part I: Deterministics and Stochastics Systems
  • Coupled Dynamics and Quiescent Phases Karl P. Hadeler, Thomas Hillen
  • Long Time Behavior of a System of Stochastic Differential Equations Modelling Aggregation Vincenzo Capasso, Daniela Morale, Matteo Ortisi
  • Invariant Density Estimation for Multidimensional Diffusions Annamaria Bianchi
  • First Contact Distribution Function Estimation for a Partially Observed Dynamic Germ-Grain Model with Renewal Dropping Process Marcello De Giosa
  • An Extension of the Kolmogorov-Avrami Formula to Inhomogeneous Birth-and-Growth Processes Martin Burger, Vincenzo Capasso, Alessandra Micheletti
  • On the Generalized Geometric Densities of Random Closed Sets. An Application to Growth Processes. Vincenzo Capasso, Elena Villa
  • The Multiparameter Fractional Brownian Motion Erick Herbin, Ely Merzbach
  • Filtering of Multiparameter Processes: Theory and Applications Alberto Carabarín-Aguirre, Gail Ivanoff, Adriana Jordan
  • IFSM Representation of Brownian Motion with Applications to Simulation Stefano Maria Iacus, Davide La Torre
  • Iterated Function Systems on Multifunctions Davide La Torre, Franklin Mendivil, Edward R. Vrscay
  • Part II Mathematical Problems in Biology, Medicine and Ecology
  • Stochastic Modeling and Estimation in a Neutron Lifetime Experiment Grace L. Yang, Kevin J. Coakley
  • The Transport of Specific Monoclonal Antibodies in Tumour Cords Alessandro Bertuzzi, Antonio Fasano, Alberto Gandolfi, Carmela Sinisgalli
  • Structural Adaptation in Normal and Cancerous Vasculature Philip K. Maini, Alarc.on, Helen M. Byrne, Markus R. Owen, James Murphy
  • Approximation of 2D and 3D Models of Chemotactic Cell Movement in Vasculogenesis Fausto Cavalli, Andrea Gamba, Giovanni Naldi, Matteo Semplice
  • Homogenization Closure For A Two-Dimensional Effective Model Describing Fluid-Structure Interaction in Blood Flow Andro Mikeli´c, Sunicica Cani´c
  • Pattern Formation in Butterfly Wings: Experiments and Models Toshio Sekimura
  • Stabilization for a Reaction-Diffusion System in Epidemiology Sebastian Anita
  • Global Stability of Equilibria for a Metapopulation S-I-S Model Francesca Arrigoni, Andrea Pugliese
  • State Feedback Control of the Glucose-Insulin System Pasquale Palumbo, Andrea De Gaetano
  • An Algal Allelopathic Competition with Internal and External Toxic Compounds Paolo Fergola, Marianna Cerasuolo
  • Subsoil Decontamination with Biological Techniques: a Bio-Fluid Dynamics Problem Filippo Notarnicola
  • Part III Mathematical Problems in Industry and Economy
  • Modelling and Optimizing Batch Processes in the Chemical Industry Rainer E. Burkard, Johannes Hatzl
  • Kinetics of Nucleation and Growth: Classical Nucleation and Helium Bubbles in Nuclear Materials Luis Bonilla, Ana Carpio, John C. Neu
  • Polymer Crystallization Processes Giacomo Aletti, Diane Saada
  • Optimal Marketing Decision in a Duopoly: A Stochastic Approach Luigi De Cesare, Andrea Di Liddo