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Lines of Inquiry in Mathematical Modelling Research in Education

Gloria Stillman and Jill P. Brown, eds.
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ICME-13 Monographs
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Deborah L. Gochenaur
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Lines of Inquiry in Mathematical Modelling Research in Education is a collection of 13 papers developed based on presentations from ICME 13 (the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education) in Hamburg in July 2016.  The authors, representing 9 different countries, provide a view of the spectrum of the thoughts and debates that have occurred worldwide on this important topic of mathematical modeling.  Credit must be given to the editors Gloria Ann Stillman and Jill Brown, along with the authors of this collection of papers in providing this unique focus of mathematical education.
The various papers span quite a few aspects of mathematical modeling research, including but not limited to: integration of modeling in secondary mathematics, real-world tasks, the role of teachers as learners and communities of learners, and the influence of technology on mathematical modeling.  Due to the wide scope of these papers, the reader may choose to at times ‘skip around’ the chapters to focus on the information that is relevant to them at the time – though all of the articles are worth reading.
I would highly recommend this book for anybody that is involved in mathematics education, as these papers provide a range and scope that can assist both researchers and educators.  The unique perspectives brought by each of these articles can greatly help guide future research while also allowing researchers to have a foundation to build upon.  Mathematical modeling is an idea that is sometimes overlooked, and this book provides a discussion of this important aspect of mathematics education with information and details that can greatly benefit and appeal to pre-service teachers, teachers, and even university personnel alike.


Deborah Gochenaur is an associate professor of mathematics at Shippensburg University.