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Lie Algebras, Vertex Operator Algebras and Their Applications

Yi-Zhi Huang and Kailash C. Misra, editors
Amercian Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 442
We do not plan to review this book.

Lie algebras and related topics

  • K. Baur and N. Wallach -- A class of gradings of simple Lie algebras
  • S. Berman and J. Morita -- Conjugacy results for the Lie algebra $\mathfrak{sl}_2$ over an algebra which is a UFD
  • V. Chari and A. Moura -- Kirillov-Reshetikhin modules associated to $G_2$
  • R. Farnsteiner -- Support spaces and Auslander-Reiten components
  • J. Feldvoss -- On the cohomology of modular Lie algebras
  • H. Garland -- Eisenstein series on loop groups: Maass-Selberg relations 4
  • A. Hoshino -- Generalized Littlewood-Richardson rule for exceptional Lie algebras $E_6$ and $F_4$
  • D. Nacin -- An introduction to $Q_n$ and its graph related quotients
  • T. Nakashima -- Affine geometric crystal of type $G^{(1)}_2$
  • F. F. Nichita and D. Parashar -- New constructions of Yang-Baxter systems
  • V. Retakh, S. Serconek, and R. L. Wilson -- Construction of some algebras associated to directed graphs and related to factorizations of noncommutative polynomials
  • A. Savage -- Geometric and combinatorial realizations of crystals of enveloping algebras
  • H. Strade -- Lie algebras of small dimension

Vertex (operator) algebras and related topics

  • I. I. Anguelova -- Symmetric polynomials and $H_D$-quantum vertex algebras
  • M. J. Bergvelt -- $H_T$-vertex algebras
  • C. Calinescu -- On intertwining operators and recursions
  • C. Dong and C. Jiang -- Representations of vertex operator algebras
  • J. Fuchs -- On non-semisimple fusion rules and tensor categories
  • K. Hubbard -- The duality between vertex operator algebras and coalgebras, modules and comodules
  • J. Lepowsky -- Some developments in vertex operator algebra theory, old and new
  • H. Li -- Twisted modules and quasi-modules for vertex operator algebras
  • G. Mason and M. P. Tuite -- Chiral algebras and partition functions
  • A. Milas -- Modular forms and almost linear dependence of graded dimensions
  • M. Primc -- $(k,r)$-Admissible configurations and intertwining operators
  • Z. Qin and W. Wang -- Hilbert schemes of points on the minimal resolution and soliton equations
  • C. Schweigert, J. Fuchs, and I. Runkel -- Twining characters and Picard groups in rational conformal field theory