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Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization

Gianni Di Pillo and Massimo Roma, editors
Springer Verlag
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Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications
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Fast Linear Algebra for Multiarc Trajectory Optimization (Nicolas Bérend, J. Frédéric Bonnans, Julien Laurent-Varin, MounirHaddou, Christophe Talbot).- Lagrange Multipliers with Optimal Sensitivity Properties in Constrained Optimization (Dimitri P. Bertsekas).- n O(n^2) Algorithm for Isotonic Regression (Oleg Burdakov, Oleg Sysoev, Anders Grimvall, Mohamed Hussian).- Knitro: An Integrated Package for Nonlinear Optimization (Richard H. Byrd, Jorge Nocedal, Richard A. Waltz).- On implicit-factorization constraint preconditioners (H. Sue Dollar, Nicholas I. M. Gould, Andrew J. Wathen).- Optimal algorithms for large sparse quadratic programming problems with uniformly bounded spectrum (Zdenek Dostál).- Numerical methods for separating two polyhedra (Yury G. Evtushenko, Alexander I. Golikov, Saed Ketabchi).- Exact penalty functions for generalized Nash problems (Francisco Facchinei, Jong-Shi Pang).- Parametric Sensitivity Analysis for Optimal Boundary Control of a 3D Reaction-Diffusion System (Roland Griesse, Stefan Volkwein).- Projected Hessians for Preconditioning in One-Step One-Shot Design Optimization (Andreas Griewank).- Conditions and parametric representations of approximate minimal elements of a set through scalarization (César Gutiérrez, Bienvenido Jiménez, Vicente Novo).- Efficient methods for large-scale unconstrained optimization (Ladislav Lukšan, Jan Vlcek).- A variational approach for minimum cost flow problems (Giandomenico Mastroeni).- Multi-Objective Optimisation of Expensive Objective Functions with Variable Fidelity Models (Daniele Peri, Antonio Pinto, Emilio F. Campana).-Towards the Numerical Solution of a Large Scale PDAE Constrained Optimization Problem Arising in Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Modeling (Hans Josef Pesch, Kati Sternberg, Kurt Chudej).- The NEWUOA software for unconstrained optimization without derivatives (M.J.D. Powell).