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Kurt Gödel and the Foundations of Mathematics: Horizons of Truth

Matthias Baaz, Christos H. Papadimitriou, Hilary W. Putnam, Dana S. Scott, and Charles L. Harper, Jr., editors
Cambridge University Press
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Part I. Historical Context – Gödel's Contributions and Accomplishments: 1. The impact of Gödel's incompleteness theorems on mathematics Angus Macintyre
2. Logical hygiene, foundations, and abstractions: diversity among aspects and options Georg Kreisel
3. The reception of Gödel's 1931 incompletability theorems by mathematicians, and some logicians, to the early 1960s Ivor Grattan-Guinness
4. 'Dozent Gödel will not lecture' Karl Sigmund
5. Gödel's thesis: an appreciation Juliette C. Kennedy
6. Lieber Herr Bernays!, Lieber Herr Gödel! Gödel on finitism, constructivity, and Hilbert's program Solomon Feferman
7. Computation and intractability: echoes of Kurt Gödel Christos H. Papadimitriou
8. From the entscheidungsproblem to the personal computer – and beyond B. Jack Copeland
9. Gödel, Einstein, Mach, Gamow, and Lanczos: Gödel's remarkable excursion into cosmology Wolfgang Rindler
10. Physical unknowables Karl Svozil
Part II. A Wider Vision – The Interdisciplinary, Philosophical, and Theological Implications of Gödel's Work: 11. Gödel and physics John D. Barrow
12. Gödel, Thomas Aquinas, and the unknowability of God Denys A. Turner
13. Gödel's mathematics of philosophy Piergiorgio Odifreddi
14. Gödel's ontological proof and its variants Petr Hájek
15. The Gödel theorem and human nature Hilary Putnam
16. Gödel, the mind, and the laws of physics Roger Penrose
Part III. New Frontiers – Beyond Gödel's Work in Mathematics and Symbolic Logic: 17. Gödel's functional interpretation and its use in current mathematics Ulrich Kohlenbach
18. My forty years on his shoulders Harvey M. Friedman
19. My interaction with Kurt Gödel: the man and his work Paul J. Cohen
20. The transfinite universe W. Hugh Woodin
21. The Gödel phenomena in mathematics: a modern view Avi Wigderson.