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Jack, Hall-Littlewood and Macdonald Polynomials

Vadim B. Kuznetsov and Siddhartha Sahi, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 417
We do not plan to review this book.

Part 1. Historic Material

  • B. D. Sleeman -- Henry Jack 1917-1978
  • A. O. Morris -- Philip Hall
  • A. O. Morris -- Dudley Ernest Littlewood
  • A. O. Morris -- Ian Macdonald
  • I. G. Macdonald -- The algebra of partitions
  • D. E. Littlewood -- On certain symmetric functions
  • H. Jack -- A class of symmetric polynomials with a parameter
  • H. Jack -- A class of polynomials in search of a definition, or the symmetric group parametrized
  • I. G. Macdonald -- Commentary on the previous paper
  • H. Jack, G. de B. Robinson, and W. N. Everitt -- First letter from Henry Jack to G. de B. Robinson/Second letter reply from G. de B. Robinson to Henry Jack/Third letter from W. N. Everitt to G. de B. Robinson

Part 2. Research Articles

  • H. Coskun and R. A. Gustafson -- Well-poised Macdonald functions $W_{\lambda}$ and Jackson coefficients $\omega_\lambda$ on $BC_n$
  • J. F. van Diejen -- Asymptotics of multivariate orthogonal polynomials with hyperoctahedral symmetry
  • P. Etingof and A. Oblomkov -- Quantization, orbifold cohomology, and Cherednik algebras
  • B. Ion and S. Sahi -- Triple groups and Cherednik algebras
  • M. Kasatani, T. Miwa, A. N. Sergeev, and A. P. Veselov -- Coincident root loci and Jack and Macdonald polynomials for special values of the parameters
  • T. H. Koornwinder -- Lowering and raising operators for some special orthogonal polynomials
  • V. B. Kuznetsov and E. K. Sklyanin -- Factorization of symmetric polynomials
  • E. Langmann -- A method to derive explicit formulas for an elliptic generalization of the Jack polynomials
  • M. Lassalle -- A short proof of generalized Jacobi-Trudi expansions for Macdonald polynomials
  • A. Okounkov and G. Olshanski -- Limits of $BC$-type orthogonal polynomials as the number of variables goes to infinity
  • E. M. Rains -- A difference-integral representation of Koornwinder polynomials
  • M. Schlosser -- Explicit computation of the $q,t$-Littlewood-Richardson coefficients
  • V. P. Spiridonov -- A multiparameter summation formula for Riemann theta functions

Part 3. Vadim Borisovich Kuznetsov 1963-2005

  • B. D. Sleeman and E. K. Sklyanin -- Vadim Borisovich Kuznetsov 1963-2005