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International Mathematical Olympiads: 1986-1999

Marcin E. Kuczma
Mathematical Association of America
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Mohammed Aassila
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International Mathematical Olympiads: 1986-1999 was written by Marcin E. Kuczma, one of the world's leading problem proposers. It is a continuation of the compilation of the International Mathematical Olympiad problems 1959-1977 and 1978-1985 by S. L. Greitzer and M. S. Klamkin respectively, published by the Mathematical Association of America. All the problems from IMO1986 to IMO1999 are treated here. Each problem is given with a detailed solution, and sometimes more than one. The solutions are extremely clear and well presented.

Besides the main part containing the problems and solutions, the book contains useful appendices: results by country from IMO1986 to IMO1999, a list of symbols, a glossary of basic mathematical identities and definitions, subject classification of the problems presented, and a bibliography.

The effectiveness of this book derives in large part from the passion with which M. E. Kuczma shares his mathematical enthusiasm and on the breadth and erudition of his discussions. I strongly recommend this book.

Mohammed Aassila is a mathematics professor whose research area is analysis. He is interested in mathematics competitions and is the author of two books on the subject: 300 Défis Mathématiques and Olympiades Internationales de Mathématiques.

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