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Integral Methods in Science and Engineering: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

C. Constanda, Z. Nashed, and D. Rollins, editors
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Newton-type Methods for Some Nonlinear Differential Problems

Nodal and Laplace Transform Methods for Solving 2D Heat Conduction

The Cauchy Problem in the Bending of Thermoelastic Plates

Mixed Initial-boundary Value Problems for Thermoelastic Plates

On the Structure of the Eigenfunctions of a Vibrating Plate with a Concentrated Mass and Very Small Thickness

A Finite-dimensional Stabilized Variational Method for Unbounded Operators

A Converse Result for the Tikhonov–Morozov Method

A Weakly Singular Boundary Integral Formulation of the External Helmholtz Problem Valid for All Wavenumbers

Cross-referencing for Determining Regularization Parameters in Ill-Posed Imaging Problems

A Numerical Integration Method for Oscillatory Functions over an Infinite Interval by Substitution and Taylor Series

On the Stability of Discrete Systems

Parallel Domain Decomposition Boundary Element Method for Large-scale Heat Transfer Problems

The Poisson Problem for the Lamé System on Low-dimensional Lipschitz Domains

Analysis of  Boundary-domain Integral and Integro-differential Equations for a Dirichlet Problem with a Variable Coefficient

On the Regularity of the Harmonic Green Potential in Nonsmooth Domains

Applications of Wavelets and Kernel Methods in Inverse Problems

Zonal, Spectral Solutions for the Navier–Stokes Layer and Their Aerodynamical Applications

Hybrid Laplace and Poisson Solvers. Part III: Neumann BCs

Hybrid Laplace and Poisson Solvers. Part IV: Extensions

A Contact Problem for a Convection-diffusion Equation

Integral Representation of the Solution of Torsion of an Elliptic Beam with Microstructure

A Coupled Second-order Boundary Value Problem at Resonance

Multiple Impact Dynamics of a Falling Rod and Its Numerical Solution

On the Monotone Solutions of Some ODEs. I: Structure of the Solutions

On the Monotone Solutions of Some ODEs. II: Dead-core, Compact-support, and Blow-up Solutions

A Spectral Method for the Fast Solution of Boundary Integral Formulations of Elliptic Problems

The GILTT Pollutant Simulation in a Stable Atmosphere