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Integral Methods in Science and Engineering

Christian Constanda, Bardo E. J. Bodmann, and Haroldo F. De Campos Velho, editors
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1 Multiphase Flow Splitting in Looped Pipelines.- 2 Green’s Function Decomposition Method for Transport Equation.- 3 Integral Neutron Transport and New Computational Methods: A Review.- 4 Scale Invariance and Some Limits in Transport Phenomenology: Existence of a Spontaneous Scale.- 5 On Coherent Structures from a Diffusion-Type Model.- 6 Numerical Simulation of the Dynamics of Molecular Markers Involved in Cell Polarization.- 7 Analytical Study of Computational Radiative Fluxes in a Heterogeneous Medium.- 8 A Novel Approach to the Hankel Transform Inversion of the Neutron Diffusion Problem Using the Parseval Identity.- 9 What Is Convergence Acceleration Anyway?.- 10 On the Fractal Pattern Phenomenology of Geological Fracture Signatures from a Scaling Law.- 11 Spectral Boundary Homogenization Problems in Perforated Domains with Robin Boundary Conditions and Large Parameters.- 12 A Finite Element Formulation of the Total Variation Method for Denoising a Set of Data.- 13 On the Convergence of the Multi-Group Isotropic Neutron LTSN Nodal Solution in Cartesian Geometry.- 14 Numerical Integration with Singularity by Taylor Series.- 15 Numerical Solutions of the 1D Convection–Diffusion–Reaction and the Burgers Equation Using Implicit Multi-Stage and Finite Element Methods.- 16 Analytical Reconstruction of Monoenergetic Neutron Angular Flux in Non-multiplying Slabs Using Diffusion Synthetic Approximation.- 17 On the Fractional Neutron Point Kinetics Equations.- 18 On a Closed Form Solution of the Point Kinetics Equations With a Modified Temperature Feedback.- 19 Eulerian Modeling of Radionuclides in Surficial Waters: The Case of Ilha Grande Bay (RJ, Brazil).- 20 Fractional Calculus: Application in Modeling and Control.- 21 Modified Integral Equation Method for Stationary Plate Oscillations.- 22 Nonstandard Integral Equations for the Harmonic Oscillations of Thin Plates.- 23 A Genuine Analytical Solution for the SN Multi-Group Neutron Equation in Planar Geometry.- 24 Single-Phase Flow Instabilities: Effect of Pressure Waves in a Pump–Pipe–Plenum–Choke System.- 25 Two-Phase Flow Instabilities in Oil Wells: ESP Oscillatory Behavior and Casing-Heading.- 26 Validating a Closed Form Advection–Diffusion Solution by Experiments: Tritium Dispersion after Emission from the Brazilian Angra Dos Reis Nuclear Power Plant.- Index.