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Integral Equations, Boundary Value Problems and Related Problems

Xing Li, editor
World Scientific
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  • Some Properties of a Kind of Singular Integral Operator for K-Monogenic Function in Clifford Analysis (L P Wang, Z L Xu and Y Y Qiao)
  • Some Results Related with Möbius Transformation in Clifford Analysis (Z X Zhang)
  • The Scattering of SH Wave on the Array of Periodic Cracks in a Piezoelectric Substrate Bonded a Half-Plane of Functionally Graded Materials (J Q Liu, X Li, S Z Dong, X Y Yao and C F Wang)
  • Anti-Plane Problem of Two Collinear Cracks in a Functionally Graded Coating–Substrate Structure (S H Ding and X Li)
  • A Kind of Riemann Boundary Value Problem for Triharmonic Functions in Clifford Analysis (L F Gu)
  • A New Dynamical Systems Method for Nonlinear Operator Equations (X J Luo, F C Li and S H Yang)
  • A Class of Integral Inequality and Application (W S Wang)
  • An Efficient Spectral Boundary Integral Equation Method for the Simulation of Earthquake Rupture Problems (W S Wang and B W Zhang)
  • High-Frequency Asymptotics for the Modified Helmholtz Equation in a Half-Plane (H M Huang)
  • An Inverse Boundary Value Problem Involving Filtration for Elliptic Systems of Equations (Z L Xu and L Yan)
  • Fixed Point Theorems of Contractive Mappings in Extended Cone Metric Spaces (H P Huang and X Li)
  • Positive Solutions of Singular Third-Order Three-Point Boundary Value Problems (B Q Yan and X Liu)
  • Modified Neumann Integral and Asymptotic Behavior in the Half-Space (Y H Zhang, G T Deng and Z Z Wei)
  • Piecewise Tikhonov Regularization Scheme to Reconstruct Discontinuous Density in Computerized Tomography (J Cheng, Y Jiang, K Lin and J W Yan)
  • About the Quaternionic Jacobian Conjecture (H Liu)
  • Interaction Between Antiplane Circular Inclusion and Circular Hole of Piezoelectric Materials (L H Chang and X Li)
  • Convergence of Numerical Algorithm for Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer in Textile Materials (M B Ge, J X Cheng and D H Xu)
  • Haversian Cortical Bone with a Radial Microcrack (X Wang)
  • Spectra of Unitary Integral Operators on L2(ℝ) with Kernels k(xy) (D W Ma and G Chen)
  • The Numerical Simulation of Long-Period Ground Motion on Basin Effects (Y Q Li and X Li)
  • Complete Plane Strain Problem of a One-Dimensional Hexagonal Quasicrystals with a Doubly-Periodic Set of Cracks (X Li and P P Shi)
  • The Problem About an Elliptic Hole with III Asymmetry Cracks in One-Dimensional Hexagonal Piezoelectric Quasicrystals (H S Huo and X Li)
  • The Second Fundamental Problem of Periodic Plane Elasticity of a One-Dimensional Hexagonal Quasicrystals (J Y Cui, P P Shi and X Li)
  • The Optimal Convex Combination Bounds for the Centroidal Mean (H Liu and X J Meng)
  • The Method of Fundamental Solution for a Class of Elliptical Partial Differential Equations with Coordinate Transformation and Image Technique (L N Wu and Q Jiang)