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Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems

John Mallet-Paret, Jianhong Wu, Yingfie Yi, and Huaiping Zhu,e ditors
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Fields Institute Communications 64
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​ ​Preface.- Persistence of Periodic Orbits for Perturbed Dissipative Dynamical Systems (J. Hale, G. Raugel).- Spectral Theory for Forward Nonautonomus Parabolic Equations and Applications (J. Mierczynski, W. Shen).- A Dynamical Systems Approach to Traveling Wave Solutions for Liquid/Vapor Phase Transition (H. Fan, X. Lin).- Instability of Radially-Symmetric Spikes in Systems with Conserved Quantity (A. Pogan, A. Scheel).- Global Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of a Neuron Network Model with Time Delays (M. Li, J. Wei).- Instability of Low Density Supersonic Waves of a Viscous Isentropic Gas Flow Through a Nozel (W. Liu, M. Oh).- A Simple Proof of the Stability of Solitary Waves in the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Model Near the KdV Limit (A. Hoffman, G. Wayne).- Littlewood Problem for a Singular Subquadratic Potential (X. Li, Y. Yi).- Semiflows for Neutral Equations with State-dependent Delay (H.-O. Walther).- Threshold Dynamics of Scalar Linear Periodic Delay-Differential Equations (Y. Chen, J. Wu).- Differential Equations with Random Delay (T.S. Doan, S. Siegmund).- Beyond Diffusion: Conditional Dispersal in Ecological Models (C. Cosner).- Global Attractor of a Coupled Two-Cell Brusselator Model (Y. You).- Projectors on the Generalized Eigenspaces for Partial Differential Equations with Time Delay (A. Ducrot, P. Magal, S. Ruan).- Global Convergence in Monotone and Uniformly Stable Recurrent Skew-Product Semiflows (Y. Wang, X. Zhao).- The Infinite Hierarchy of Elastic Shell Models: Some Recent Results and a Conjecture (M. Lewicka, R. Pakzad).- Traveling Wavefronts for Lattic Differential Equations with Time Delay and Global Interaction (S. Ma, Z. Zou).- Bifurcation of Limit Cycles from a Non-Hamiltonian Quadratic Integrable System with Homoclinic Loop (Y. Zhao, H. Zhu) Anomalous Diffusion in Polymers: Long-Time Behaviour (D. Vorotnikov).​