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Incidence and Symmetry in Design and Architecture

Jenny A. Baglivo and Jack E. Graver
Cambridge University Press
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Cambridge Urban and Architectural Studies 7
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Forward; Preface; Part I. Incidence: Introduction; Section 1. Incidence and Graph Theory: 1. Topological transformations; 2. Basic graph theory; 3. Directed graphs; 4. Traversability; 5. Distance; Section II. Incidence in the Plane: 6. Maps; 7. Planar graphs; 8. Euler's formula; 9. Polyhedra; Section III. Further Applications of Graph Theory: 10. Bracing structures; 11. Optimal route design; 12. Mean distance; 13. Triangulations and organization graphs; Section IV. Topology of Surfaces: 14. Surfaces; 15. Maps on surfaces; 16. Tesselations of the plane; 17. Compact surfaces; Part II. Symmetry: Introduction; Section V. Symmetry and Group Theory: 18. Planar isometries; 19. Basic group theory; 20. Reflections on the plane; 21. The isometry group of the plane; Section VI. Symmetry in the Plane: 22. Discrete groups; 23. The circular groups; 24. The frieze groups; 25. The wallpaper groups; Section VII. Symmetry in Space: 26. Space isometries; 27. Discrete space groups; 28. The layer groups; 29. the rod groups; Section VIII. Symmetry and Enumeration: 30. A combinational approach to symmetry; 31. Graph symmetry; 32. Enumeration; 33. Fundamental architectural arrangements revisited; Bibliography; Indices.