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Homotopy Theory of Function Spaces and Related Topics

Yves Félix, Gregory Lupton, and Samuel B. Smith, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 519
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Survey article

  • S. B. Smith -- The homotopy theory of function spaces: A survey

Contributed articles

  • U. Buijs -- Upper bounds for the Whitehead-length of mapping spaces
  • D. Chataur -- String topology of classifying spaces and gravity algebras
  • M. C. Crabb -- A fibrewise stable splitting and free loops on projective spaces
  • Y. Félix and D. Tanré -- Rational homotopy of symmetric products and spaces of finite subsets
  • J.-B. Gatsinzi -- Derivations, Hochschild cohomology and the Gottlieb group
  • J.-B. Gatsinzi and R. Kwashira -- Rational homotopy groups of function spaces
  • J. Giansiracusa and P. Salvatore -- Formality of the framed little 2-discs operad and semidirect products
  • M. Golasiński, D. Gonçalves, and P. Wong -- James construction, Fox torus homotopy groups and Hopf invariants
  • A. Kono and S. Tsukuda -- Notes on the triviality of adjoint bundles
  • A. Kozlowski and K. Yamaguchi -- Spaces of algebraic maps from real projective spaces into complex projective spaces
  • K. Kuribayashi -- On the rational cohomology of the total space of the universal fibration with an elliptic fibre
  • J. Oprea and J. Strom -- On the realizability of Gottlieb groups
  • C. L. Schochet and S. B. Smith -- Localization of grouplike function and section spaces with compact domain
  • C. Wockel -- Non-integral central extensions of loop groups

Problem list

  • Y. Félix -- Problems on mapping spaces and related subjects