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History of the Mathematical Sciences

Ivor Grattan-Guinness, editor
Hindustan Book Agency/AMS
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Part A: General and Philosophical Issues
Evolution of Hsitory of Mathematics: Some Trends, by K.S. Chaudhuri
History of Heritage? A Cnetral Question in the Historiography of Mahtematics, by Ivor Grattan-Guinness
Abstraction and Structural Analogies in Mathematical Sciences, by R S Kaushal
The Invented and Propagated Theories in the Origin of Mathematical Sciences, by V. Laksmikantham
André Weil: The Man and the Historian of Mathematics, by Norbert H Schlomiuk

Part B: History of Mathematics in India
The Vedic Concept of Infinity and Infinitesimal System, by G.S. Pandey
Mahavira's Geometrical Problems: Traces of Unknown Links between Jaina and Mediterranean Mathematics in the Classical Ages, by Jens Høyrup
Dignãga's Logic of Invention, by Volker Peckhaus
Concept of Perception in Vedanta Darshna and Modern Mathematical Sciences, by Rai Gyan Narain Prasad

Part C: History of Mathematics in the Near East
The Egyptian Mathematical Leather Roll, Attested Short Term and Long Term, by Milo Gardner
Omar Khayyam, René Descartes and Solutions to Algebraic Equations, by K.V. Mardia
A New Source of Evidence for the Lost Arabic Translations of Euclid's Elements, by Gregg De Young

Part D: History of Mathematics in Europe and America
Pell's Equation and the Unity of Mathematics, by J.S. Chahal
History, State of the Art and Future of Science of Stochastics, by Elart von Collani
C[a, b] as the Backbone of Evolution of Functional Analysis, by B.S. Yadav
Harmonic Analysis: A Historical Manifold During the XXth Century, by Jean-Paul Pier
From functional Analysis to Asymptotic Geometric Analysis, by Vitali Milman