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Handbook of Topological Fixed Point Theory

R. F. Brown, M. Furi, L. Górniewicz, and B. Jiang, editors
Springer Verlag
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I. Homological Methods in Fixed Point Theory.
1. Coincidence theory. 2. On the Lefschetz fixed point theorem. 3. Linearizations for maps of nilmanifolds and solvmanifolds. 4. Homotopy minimal periods. 5. Perodic points and braid theory. 6. Fixed point theory of multivalued weighted maps. 7. Fixed point theory for homogeneous spaces – a brief survey.
II. Equivariant Fixed Point Theory.
8. A note on equivariant fixed point theory. 9. Equivariant degree. 10. Bifurcations of solutions of SO (2)-symmetric nonlinear problems with variational structure.
III. Nielsen Theory.
11. Nielsen root theory. 12. More about Nielsen theories and their applications. 13. Algebraic techniques for calculating the Nielsen number on hyperbolic surfaces. 14. Fibre techniques in Nielsen theory calculations. 15. Wecken theorem for fixed and periodic points. 16. A primer of Nielsen fixed point theory. 17. Nielsen fixed point theory on surfaces. 18. Relative Nielsen theory.
IV. Applications.
19. Applicable fixed point principles. 20. The fixed point index of the Poincaré translation. 21. On the existence of equilibria and fixed points of maps under constraints. 22. Topological fixed point theory and nonlinear differential equations. 23. Fixed point results based on the Wazeski method.

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