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Handbook of Financial Engineering

Constantin Zopounidis, Michael Doumpos, and Panos M. Pardalos, editors
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Springer Optimization and Its Applications 18
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Ita Cirovic Donev
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Handbook of Financial Engineering is a collection of papers from various areas of the field including Portfolio Management and Trading, Risk Management, Operations Research Methods in Financial Engineering, and Mergers, Acquisitions and Credit Risk Ratings. The papers are in narrative form, discussing the main current issues in the selected areas. Details are omitted; instead, the authors provide detailed references. The level of mathematics is minimal, only included for the sake of discussion and where it is desperately needed for clarity. Discussions are at the introductory level, which should seem very inviting to students and readers who are new to the field and need an overview of the methods currently used.

Due to its simplicity of the presentation the handbook will probably not be too popular with readers who are even somewhat familiar with the specific field as in that case they should already possess the knowledge presented in the handbook.

Ita Cirovic Donev holds a Masters degree in statistics from Rice University. Her main research areas are in mathematical finance; more precisely, statistical methods for credit and market risk. Apart from the academic work she does statistical consulting work for financial institutions in the area of risk management.

Portfolio Selection in the Presence of Multiple Criteria (R.E. Steuer, Y. Qi, M. Hirschberger), Applications of Integer Programming to Financial Optimization (H. Konno, R. Yamamoto), Computing Mean/Downside Risk Frontiers: The Role of Ellipticity (A.D. Hall, S.E. Satchell), Exchange Traded Funds: History, Trading, and Research (L. Deville), Genetic Programming and Financial Trading: How Much About “What We Know� (S.H. Chen, T.W. Kuo, K.M. Hoi), Interest Rate Models: A Review (Ch. Ioannidis, R.H. Miao, J.M. Williams), Engineering a Generalized Neural Network Mapping of Volatility Spillovers in European Government Bond Markets (G.H. Dash, Jr., N. Kajiji), Estimating Parameters in a Pricing Model with State-Dependent Shocks (L. MacLean, Y. Zhao, G. Consigli, W. Ziemba), Controlling Currency Risk with Options or Forwards (N. Topaloglou, H. Vladimirou, S.A. Zenios), Asset Liability Management Techniques (K. Kosmidou, C. Zopounidis), Advanced Operations Research Techniques in Capital Budgeting (P.L. Kunsch), Financial Networks (A. Nagurney), The Choice of the Payment Method in Mergers and Acquisitions (A. Chevalier, E. Redor), An Application of Support Vector Machines in the Prediction of Acquisition Targets: Evidence from the EU Banking Sector (F. Pasiouras, C. Gaganis, S. Tanna, C. Zopounidis), Credit Rating Systems: Regulatory Framework and Comparative Evaluation of Existing Methods (D. Papageorgiou, M. Doumpos, C. Zopounidis, P.M. Pardalos)