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Group Representations, Ergodic Theory, and Mathematical Physics: A Tribute to George W. Mackey

Robert S. Doran, Calvin C. Moore, ad Robert J. Zimmer, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 449
We do not plan to review this book.
  • R. S. Doran and A. Ramsay -- George Mackey 1916-2006
  • S. Adams -- Decay to zero of matrix coefficients at adjoint infinity
  • J. Arthur -- Induced representations, intertwining operators and transfer
  • L. G. Brown -- MASA's and certain type I closed faces of $C$*-algebras
  • D. E. Dutkay and P. E. T. Jorgensen -- A duality approach to representations of Baumslag-Solitar groups
  • S. Echterhoff and D. P. Williams -- The Mackey machine for crossed products: Inducing primitive ideals
  • E. G. Effros -- Classifying the unclassifiables
  • N. Higson -- The Mackey analogy and $K$-theory
  • R. E. Howe -- Some recent applications of induced representations
  • M. Ionescu and P. S. Muhly -- Groupoid methods in wavelet analysis
  • A. Jaffe -- Quantum theory and relativity
  • A. A. Kirillov -- Thoughts about George Mackey and his imprimitivity theorem
  • C. C. Moore -- Virtual groups 45 years later
  • F. Murnaghan -- Spherical characters: The supercuspidal case
  • G. Ólafsson and H. Schlichtkrull -- Representation theory, radon transform and the heat equation on a Riemannian symmetric space
  • J. A. Packer -- Projective representations and the Mackey obstruction-A survey
  • A. Ramsay -- Virtual groups for group representations
  • M. A. Rieffel -- A global view of equivariant vector bundles and Dirac operators on some compact homogeneous spaces
  • V. S. Varadarajan -- George Mackey and his work on representation theory and foundations of physics