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Global Optimization: Scientific and Engineering Case Studies

János D. Pintér
Springer Verlag
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Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications 85
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Preface and Acknowledgments (J. D. Pintér)

1. Global Optimization in Solvent Design (L. E. K. Achenie, G. M. Ostrovsky and M. Sinha)

2. Feeding Strategies for Maximising Gross Margin in Pig Production (D. L. J. Alexander, P .C .H. Morel and G. R. Wood)

3. Optimized Design of Dynamic Networks with Heuristic Algorithms (S. Allen, S. Hurley, V. Samko and R. Whitaker)

4. A New Smoothing-based Global Optimization Algorithm for Protein Conformation Problems (A. M. Azmi, R. H. Byrd, E. Eskow and R. B. Schnabel)

5. Physical Perspectives on the Global Optimization of Atomic Clusters (J. P. K. Doye)

6. Efficient Global Geometry Optimization of Atomic and Molecular Clusters (B. Hartke)

7. Computational Analysis of Human DNA Sequences: An Application of Artificial Neural Networks (A. G. Hatzigeorgiou and M. S. Megraw)

8. Determination of a Laser Cavity Field Solution Using Global Optimization (G. Isenor, J. D. Pintér and M. Cada)

9. Computational Experience with the Molecular Distance Geometry Problem (C. Lavor, L. Liberti and N. Macaulan)

10. Non-linear Optimization Models in Water Resource Systems (S. Liberatore, G. M. Sechi and P. Zuddas)

11. Solving the Phase Unwrapping Problem by a Parameterized Network Optimization Approach (P. Maponi and F. Zirilli)

12. Evolutionary Algorithms for Global Optimization (A. Osyczka and S. Krenich)

13. Determining 3-D Structure of Spherical Viruses by Global Optimization (O. Ozturk, P. C. Doerschuk and S. B. Gelfand)

14. A Collaborative Solution Methodology for Inverse Position Problem (C. S. Pedamallu and L. Özdamar)

15. Improved Learning of Neural Nets through Global Search (V. P. Plagianakos, G. D. Magoulos and M. N. Vrahatis)

16. Evolutionary Approach to Design Assembly Lines (B. Rekiek, P. De Lit and A. Delchambre)

17. Agroecosystem Management (R. Seppelt)

18. Finding the Minimal Root of an Equation – Applications and Algorithms Based on Lipschitz Condition (Ya. D. Sergeyev)

19. Optimization of Radiation Therapy Dose Delivery with Multiple Static Collimation (J. Tervo, P. Kolmonen, J. D. Pintér and T. Lyyra-Lahtinen)

20. Parallel Triangulated Partitioning for Black Box Optimization (Y. Wu, L. Özdamar and A. Kumar)

21. A Case Study: Composite Structure Design Optimization (Z. B. Zabinsky, M. E. Tuttle and C. Khompatraporn)

22. Neural Network Enhanced Optimal Self-tuning Controller Design for Induction Motors (Q. M. Zhu, L. Z. Guo and Z. Ma)