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Geometry and Arithmetic

Carel Faber, Gavril Farkas, and Robin de Jong, editors
European Mathematical Society
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EMS Series of Congress Reports
We do not plan to review this book.
  • V. Alexeev and D. Swinarski -- Nef divisors on M¯0,n from GIT
  • I. Bauer and F. Catanese -- Inoue type manifolds and Inoue surfaces: A connected component of the moduli space of surfaces with K2=7,pg=0
  • A. Beauville -- Non-rationality of the symmetric sextic Fano threefold
  • C. Ciliberto and F. Flamini -- Brill-Noether loci of stable rank-two vector bundles on a general curve
  • J. I. Cogolludo-Agustín and R. Kloosterman -- Mordell-Weil groups and Zariski triples
  • J.-M. Couveignes and B. Edixhoven -- Approximate computations with modular curves
  • F. Eusen and F.-O. Schreyer -- A remark on a conjecture of Paranjape and Ramanan
  • A. Gibney -- On extensions of the Torelli map
  • B. H. Gross -- The classes of singular moduli in the generalized Jacobian
  • G. Harder -- The Eisenstein motive for the cohomology of GSp2(Z)
  • J. Heinloth -- Cohomology of the moduli stack of coherent sheaves on a curve
  • E. W. Howe and K. E. Lauter -- New methods for bounding the number of points on curves over finite fields
  • H. Ito and S. Schröer -- Wildly ramified actions and surfaces of general type arising from Artin-Schreier curves
  • T. Katsura and S. Kondō -- A note on a supersingular K3 surface in characteristic 2
  • S. J. Kovács -- The intuitive definition of Du Bois singularities
  • H. Lange and P. E. Newstead -- Bundles of rank 2 with small Clifford index on algebraic curves
  • R. Pandharipande and A. Pixton -- Descendents on local curves: Stationary theory
  • D. Petersen -- A remark on Getzler's semi-classical approximation
  • R. Schoof -- On the modular curve X0(23)
  • C. Voisin -- Degree 4 unramified cohomology with finite coefficients and torsion codimension 3 cycles
  • Y. G. Zarhin -- Poincaré duality and unimodularity