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Geometric Methods in Group Theory

José Burillo, Sean Cleary, Murray Elder, Jennifer Taback, and Enric Ventura, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 372
We do not plan to review this book.
* M. C rdenas and F. F. Lasheras -- Properly 3-realizable groups: a survey
* A. Martino and S. O Rourke -- Free actions on $\mathbb{Z}^n$-trees: a survey
* G. Levitt -- Characterizing rigid simplicial actions on trees
* J. Gonz lez-Meneses -- Improving an algorithm to solve multiple simultaneous conjugacy problems in braid groups
* E. Godelle and L. Paris -- On singular Artin monoids
* O. Bogopolski -- A surface groups analogue of a theorem of Magnus
* V. Addepalli and E. C. Turner -- Shift automorphisms of finite order
* V. Shpilrain -- Counting primitive elements of a free group
* R. Weidmann -- A rank formula for amalgamated products with finite amalgam
* D. Kahrobaei -- A simple proof of a theorem of Karrass and Solitar
* S. W. Margolis, J. Meakin, and Z. Sunik -- Distortion functions and the membership problem for submonoids of groups and monoids
* J. Belk and K.-U. Bux -- Thompson's group $F$ is maximally nonconvex
* S. Cleary and J. Taback -- Seesaw words in Thompson's group $F$
* X. Martin -- Piecewise-projective representation of Thompson's group $T$
* T. Dymarz -- Bijective quasi-isometries of amenable groups
* I. Bumagin -- On definitions of relatively hyperbolic groups
* G. Baumslag -- Embedding wreath-like products in finitely presented groups. I
* S. Cleary and J. Taback -- Metric properties of the lamplighter group as an automata group
* F. Dahmani -- An example of non-contracting weakly branch automaton group
* A. Akhmedov -- Travelling salesman problem in groups