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Geometric Analysis of PDE and Several Complex Variables

Sagun Chanillo, Paulo D Cordaro, Nicholas Hanges, Jorge Hounie, Abdelhamid Meziani, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 368
We do not plan to review this book.
* P. Ahern and X. Gong -- Cusp-type singularities of real analytic curves in the complex plane
* S. Berhanu and J. Hounie -- The F. and M. Riesz property for vector fields
* A. Bove -- Gevrey hypo-ellipticity for sums of squares of vector fields: Some examples
* H. Brezis, P. Mironescu, and A. C. Ponce -- $W^{1,1}$-maps with values into $S^1$
* S. Chanillo -- Analytic hypoellipticity and spectral problems for Schr”dinger's equation
* H. Chen and Z. Luo -- Formal solutions for higher order nonlinear totally characteristic PDEs with irregular singularities
* F. Colombini and N. Lerner -- Uniqueness of $L^\infty$ solutions for a class of conormal $BV$ vector fields
* P. D. Cordaro and N. Hanges -- Impact of lower order terms on a model pde in two variables
* M. Derridj and D. S. Tartakoff -- Global analytic hypoellipticity for a class of quasilinear sums of squares of vector fields
* M. Eastwood -- Representations via overdetermined systems
* G. Francsics and P. D. Lax -- A semi-explicit fundamental domain for a Picard modular group in complex hyperbolic space
* S. Gindikin -- Complex horospherical transform on real sphere
* J. Gorsky and A. A. Himonas -- On analyticity in space variable of solutions to the KdV equation
* L. H”rmander -- The multinomial distribution and some Bergman kernels
* X. Huang, S. Ji, and D. Xu -- Several results for holomorphic mappings from $B^n$ into $B^N$
* H. Jacobowitz -- Whitney and Mizohata structures
* A. E. Kogoj and E. Lanconelli -- One-side Liouville theorems for a class of hypoelliptic ultraparabolic equations
* L. Lempert -- Acyclic sheaves in Banach spaces
* A. Li and Y. Y. Li -- A Liouville type theorem for some conformally invariant fully nonlinear equations
* S. T. Melo -- Norm closure of classical pseudodifferential operators does not contain H”rmander's class
* G. M‚tivier -- Remarks on the well-posedness of the nonlinear Cauchy problem
* A. Meziani -- Representation of solutions of planar elliptic vector fields with degeneracies
* L. Nirenberg -- Some recollections of working with Fran‡ois Treves
* M.-C. Shaw -- Boundary value problems on Lipschitz domains in $\mathbb{R}^n$ or $\mathbb{C}^n$
* S. Spagnolo -- Hyperbolic systems well posed in all Gevrey classes