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Geometric Analysis and Integral Geometry

Eric Todd Quinto, Fulton Gonzalez, and Jens Gerlach Christensen, editors
American Mathematcial Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 598
We do not plan to review this book.

Historical articles

  • S. Helgason -- Some personal remarks on the Radon transform
  • G. Ólafsson and R. J. Stanton -- On the life and work of S. Helgason

Research and expository articles

  • G. Ambartsoumian, J. Boman, V. P. Krishnan, and E. T. Quinto -- Microlocal analysis of an ultrasound transform with circular source and receiver trajectories
  • N. B. Andersen and M. Flensted-Jensen -- Cuspidal discrete series for projective hyperbolic spaces
  • S. Bernstein and I. Z. Pesenson -- The Radon transform on SO(3): Motivations, generalizations, discretization
  • J. G. Christensen -- Atomic decompositions of Besov spaces related to symmetric cones
  • M. Eastwood -- A double fibration transform for complex projective space
  • T. Kakehi -- Magnetic Schrödinger equation on compact symmetric spaces and the geodesic Radon transform of one forms
  • T. Kobayashi -- F-method for constructing equivariant differential operators
  • H. Liu -- Schiffer's conjecture, interior transmission eigenvalues and invisibility cloaking: Singular problem vs. nonsingular problem
  • W. R. Madych -- Approximate reconstruction from circular and spherical mean Radon transform data
  • G. Ólafsson, A. Pasquale, and B. Rubin -- Analytic and group-theoretic aspects of the cosine transform
  • H. Oda and T. Oshima -- Quantization of linear algebra and its application to integral geometry
  • F. Rouvière -- Mean value theorems on symmetric spaces
  • B. Rubin -- Semyanistyi fractional integrals and Radon transforms
  • H. Sekiguchi -- Radon-Penrose transform between symmetric spaces
  • J. A. Wolf -- Principal series representations of infinite dimensional Lie groups, II: construction of induced representations