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Function Spaces in Modern Analysis

Krzysztof Jarosz, editor
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 547
We do not plan to review this book.
  • A. V. Abanin, R. Ishimura, and L. H. Khoi -- Exponential-polynomial bases for null spaces of convolution operators in $A^{-\infty}$
  • M. Abel -- Locally $m$-pseudoconvex algebras
  • N. Arcozzi, R. Rochberg, E. Sawyer, and B. D. Wick -- Distance functions for reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
  • H. A. Peimbert and A. G. García -- Some properties of families of functions in $C_b(X,\mathbb{C}),\beta)$
  • R. M. Aron and P. Rueda -- $p$-compact homogeneous polynomials from an ideal point of view
  • F. Botelho and J. Jamison -- Homomorphisms of non-commutative Banach *-algebras of Lipschitz functions
  • A. E. Cardwell -- An extension of a lemma by Phelps to Hilbert spaces
  • P. H. Enflo and T. M. Smith -- Algebraic complements and ranges of linear operators
  • M. Haralampidou -- Wedderburn decomposition of pseudo-$H$-algebras
  • O. Hatori, S. Lambert, A. Luttman, T. Miura, T. Tonev, and R. Yates -- Spectral preservers in commutative Banach algebras
  • G. Hirasawa, T. Miura, and H. Takagi -- Spectral radii conditions for isomorphisms between unital semisimple commutative Banach algebras
  • A. J. Izzo -- The peak point conjecture and uniform algebras invariant under group actions
  • K. Jarosz -- Function spaces-Selected open problems
  • R. Kantrowitz, M. M. Neumann, and T. J. Ransford -- Regularity, scrambling, and the steady state for stochastic matrices
  • J. W. D. Mason -- A survey of non-complex analogs of uniform algebras
  • M. Mouattamid -- Properties of solution-space of the Lagrange multivariate interpolation problem using translation-invariant Fourier-transformable kernels
  • S. Mukherjee, F. Jafari, and J. E. McInroy -- On the range of composition operators on spaces of entire functions
  • T. Oikhberg -- Reverse monotone approximation property
  • H. Rahimi, M. Ghahramani, and S. Moayeri -- Biprojectivity and weak amenability of some Banach algebras
  • K. Shamseddine -- Nontrivial order preserving automorphisms of non-Archimedean fields
  • T. Tonev and E. Toneva -- Composition operators between subsets of function algebras
  • J. Wermer -- Function theory on certain three-manifolds