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Fluids and Waves: Recent Trends in Applied Analysis

Fernando Botelho, Thomas Hagen, and James Jamison, editors
American Mathematical Society
Publication Date: 
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Contemporary Mathematics 440
We do not plan to review this book.

  • K. T. Andrews, S. Anderson, R. S. R. Menike, M. Shillor, R. Swaminathan, and J. Yuzwalk -- Vibrations of a damageable string
  • G. Avalos and R. Triggiani -- The coupled PDE system arising in fluid/structure interaction. Part I: Explicit semigroup generator and its spectral properties
  • V. Barbu, Z. Grujic, I. Lasiecka, and A. Tuffaha -- Existence of the energy-level weak solutions for a nonlinear fluid-structure interaction model
  • A. Biswas and D. Swanson -- Gevrey regularity of solutions to the 3D Navier-Stokes equations
  • P. C. Bressloff -- Stimulus-induced bumps in two-dimensional neural field theory
  • S. N. Chandler-Wilde and M. Lindner -- Wave problems in unbounded domains: Fredholmness and the finite section method
  • S. Coombes and M. R. Owen -- Exotic dynamics in a firing rate model of neural tissue with threshold accommodation
  • M. H. Garzon, D. R. Blain, and M. West -- Embedded models of self-assembly of DNA complexes
  • M. He -- A parameter property of integrodifferential equations with memory
  • J. M. Lavine, E. C. Eckstein, and J. A. Goldstein -- Stochastic models with negative friction for intermittent rolling of biological mimetics
  • J. A. H. Murdock -- Multi-parameter oscillatory connection functions in neural field models
  • N. Popovic -- Front speeds, cut-offs, and desingularization: A brief case study
  • J. M. Rodriguez and M. H. Garzon -- Neural networks can learn to approximate autonomous flows
  • C. M. Schober -- Rogue waves, non-Gaussian statistics and proximity to homoclinic data
  • H. Schurz -- Nonlinear stochastic wave equations in $\mathbb{R}^1$ with power-law nonlinearity and additive space-time noise
  • J. Tolosa -- The method of Lyapunov functions of two variables
  • J. Zhu -- Analysis of map formation in visual perception