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Fixed Point Theory and Applications 7

Yeol Je Cho, Jong Kyu Kim, and Shin Min Kang, editors
Nova Science
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Chapter 1 - On the Semilocal Convergence of Newton's Method Under Unifying Conditions, pp. 1-4;
(Ioannis K. Arygos and Jose Guteirrez)

Chapter 2 - Inequalities and Fixed Points in Menger Convex Metric Spaces, pp. 5-15;
(Ismat Beg and Mujahid Abbas)

Chapter 3 - Applications of the Perov's Fixed Point Theorem to Delay Integro-Differential Equations, pp. 17-41;
(Alexandru Bica and Sorin Muresan)

Chapter 4 - On Vector Equilibrium Problems with Multifunctions,
pp. 43-51;
(In Ja Bu, Moon Hee Kim and Gue Myung Lee)

Chapter 5 - Fixed Points in Generalized Metric Spaces and the Stability of a Cubic Functional Equation, pp. 53-68;
(Liviu Cadariu and Viorel Radu)

Chapter 6 - Continuous Selection and Coincidence Theorems on Product G-Convex Space, pp. 69-80;
(Xie Ping Ding)

Chapter 7 - Sensitivity Analysis of Solution Set for a New Class of Generalized Implicit Quasi-Variational Inclusions, pp. 81-94;
(Xie Ping Ding)

Chapter 8 - Fixed Points in Probabilistic-Quasi-Metric Spaces,
pp. 95-104;
(Mariusz T. Grabiec)

Chapter 9 - Common Fixed Point Theorems for Condensed Mappings,
pp. 105-111;
(Jingchang Li, Hongyan Guan, Zeqing Liu and Shin Min Kang)

Chapter 10 - The Strongly Convergence Theorems of Fixed Points for Local Strictly Φ-Pseudocontractive Mappings in Banach Spaces,
pp. 113-118;
(Wang Lin)

Chapter 11 - On Generalized Nonlinear Variational Inequalities,
pp. 119-126;
(Zeqing Liu, Haiyan Gao, Soo Hak Shim and Shin Min Kang)

Chapter 12 - A Note on a Paper of Hadžić and Pap, pp. 127-133;
(Dorel Miheţ)

Chapter 13 - The Ishiwaka and Mann Iteration Methods, pp. 135-145;
(with errors), Stability, and Three-Step Iteration Methods (M.O. Osilike)

Chapter 14 - On Certain Applications of Leray-Schauder Alternate, pp. 147-153;
(B.G. Pachpatte)

Chapter 15 - Remarks on Concepts of Generalized Convex Spaces,
pp. 155-165;
(Sehie Park)

Chapter 16 - Generic Existence and Non-Existence of Approximate Fixed Points, pp. 167-171;
(Simeon Reich and Alexander J. Zaslavski)

Chapter 17 - General System of Relaxed g-γ-r-Pseudococoercive Nonlinear Variational Inequalities and Projection Methods,
pp. 173-180;
(Ram U. Verma)

Chapter 18 - Three-Step Iteration Methods with Errors for Nonexpansive Mappings in Uniformly Convex Banach Spaces, pp. 181-184;
(Weili Wang, Zhefu An, Shin Min Kang and Kang Hak Kim)

Chapter 19 - On Nonnegative Linear Composite Games of NTU-Game,
pp. 185-188;
(Fengrong Zhang, Shengkai Zhang and Shin Min Kang)

Chapter 20 - Probabilistic Contractor and Nonlinear Operator Equations with Set-Valued Operator in Probabilistic Normed Spaces, pp. 189-199;
(Tatjana Žikić-Došenović)