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Fixed Point Theory and Applications

Yeol Je Cho, Jong Kyu Kim, and Shin Min Kang, editors
Nova Science
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Chapter 1. On the Comparison of a Kantorovich-Type and Moore Theorems; pp. 1-6
(Ioannis K. Argyros)

Chapter 2. On the Convergence of Newton-Like Methods Under General and Unifying Conditions; pp. 7-15
(Ioannis K. Argyros and Jose M. Gutierrez)

Chapter 3. Iteration Sequences with Errors for Asymptomatically Quasi-Nonexpansive Type Mappings in Convex Metric Spaces; pp. 17-25
(S.S. Chang, J.K. Kim and D.P. Wu)

Chapter 4. The Existence and Convergence Theorems for a Class of Multi-Valued Variational Inclusions in Banach Spaces; pp. 27-33
(C.E. Chidume, H. Zegeye and K.R. Kazmi)

Chapter 5. Related Fixed Point Theorems for Mappings and set Valued Mappings on Two Metric Spaces; pp. 35-40
(Vijendra Kumar Chourasia and Brian Fisher0

Chapter 6. On m-Step Iterative Procedures for Approximating the Common Fixed Point of Fuzzy Strongly Pseudo-Contractive Mappings; pp. 41-48
(Chuan-xian Deng, Zhong-sheng Bi and Ya-ping Fang)

Chapter 7. Systems of Generalized Vector Equilibrium Problems in Generalized Convex Spaces and Applications; pp. 49-55
(Xie Ping Ding)

Chapter 8. Maximal Elements, Coincidence Theorems and Applications in G-Convex Spaces; pp. 57-65
(Min Fang, Xie Ping Ding and Rong Hua He)

Chapter 9. Some Fixed Point Theorems in Compact Hausdorff Spaces; pp. 67-69
(Jinbiao Hao, Juhe Sun, Shin Min Kang and Soo Hak Shim)

Chapter 10. Maps for Which F(T)=F(Tn); pp. 71-105
(G.S. Jeong and B.E. Rhoades)

Chapter 11. Stability of Iterative Procedures for a Class of Generalized Nonlinear Quasi-Variational-Like Inclusions Involving Maximal n-Monotone Mappings; pp. 107-116
(Heng You Lan, Yeol Je Cho and Nan Jing Huang)

Chapter 12. The Iterative Approximation for Common Fixed Points of Multi-Valued Pseudocontractive Mappings; pp. 117-121
(Wang Lin)

Chapter 13. Existence and Sensitivity Analysis of Solutions for Parametric Nonlinear Quasivariational-Like Inequalities; pp. 123-130 (Zequing Liu, Yan Hao and Shin Min Kang)

Chapter 14. A Class of Probabilistic Contractions; pp. 131-135
(Dorel Mihet)

Chapter 15. A Related Fixed Point Theorem for Set Valued Mappings on Two Metric Spaces; pp. 137-142
(R.K. Namdeo and Brian Fisher)

Chapter 16. Fixed Point Theory for Generalized Contractive Maps on Spaces with Vector-Valued Metrics; pp. 143-149
(Donal O'Regan, Naseer Shahzad and Ravi P. Agarwal)

Chapter 17. Comments on Some Fixed Point Theorems on Generalized Convex Spaces; pp. 151-163
(Sehie Park)

Chapter 18. Existence Theorems for a Class of Generalized Vector Variational Inequality Problems; pp. 165-170
(Ram U. Verma)

Chapter 19. Fixed Point Theorems for Densifying Mappings; pp. 171-176(Qinhua Wu, Beibei Zhu, Zeqing Liu and Shin Min Kang)

Chapter 20. Stability of Iteration Procedures for Fixed Points of Lipschitz Pseudocontractive Maps; pp. 177-185
(Habtu Zegeye)

Chapter 21. On Ciric Type Mappings with a Nonunique Coincidence Points; pp. 187-190
(Fengrong Zhang, Shin Min Kang, Shengkai Zhang and Liyang Xie)

Chapter 22. The Iteration Approximation of Fixed Points of Asymptotatically Pseudo-Contractive Type Mappings; pp. 191-196 (Haiyan Zhu, Li Wang, Hongzhen Nie and Shin Min Kang)

Chapter 23. The Existence of Nontrivial Solutions for Variaitonal Inequalities by Index Approach; pp. 197-203
(Yuanguo Zhu and George Xian-Zhi Yuan)