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Finite Fields: Theory and Applications

Gary McGuire, Gary L. Mullen, Daniel Panario, and Igor E. Shparlinski, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 518
We do not plan to review this book.
  • C. D. Albuquerque, R. Palazzo, Jr., and E. B. Silva -- Construction of new toric quantum codes
  • H. Aly, R. Marzouk, and W. Meidl -- On the calculation of the linear complexity of periodic sequences
  • Y. Aubry, G. McGuire, and F. Rodier -- A few more functions that are not APN infinitely often
  • K. A. Browning, J. F. Dillon, M. T. McQuistan, and A. J. Wolfe -- An APN permutation in dimension six
  • L. Budaghyan and C. Carlet -- CCZ-equivalence of single and multi output Boolean functions
  • A. Canteaut and M. Naya-Plasencia -- Structural weaknesses of permutations with a low differential uniformity and generalized crooked functions
  • I. M. Rubio and F. N. Castro -- Solvability of systems of polynomial equations with some prescribed monomials
  • M.-C. Chang -- Character sums in finite fields
  • P. Charpin and G. M. Kyureghyan -- Monomial functions with linear structure and permutation polynomials
  • S. D. Cohen -- Primitive elements on lines in extensions of finite fields
  • R. S. Coulter and P. Kosick -- Commutative semifields of order 243 and 3125
  • C. Dunand and R. Lercier -- Normal elliptic bases and torus-based cryptography
  • L. H. Gallardo and O. Rahavandrainy -- Unitary superperfect binary polynomials
  • J. von zur Gathen -- Shift-invariant polynomials and Ritt's second theorem
  • D. Gomez and A. Winterhof -- Waring's problem in finite fields with Dickson polynomials
  • S. Gurak -- Jacobi sums and irreducible polynomials with prescribed trace and restricted norm
  • J. J. He, D. Panario, and Q. Wang -- A family of binary sequences from interleaved construction and their cryptographic properties
  • M. Homma and S. J. Kim -- Sziklai's conjecture on the number of points of a plane curve over a finite field II
  • M.-D. Huang and A. K. Narayanan -- Folded algebraic-geometric codes from Galois extensions
  • M.-D. Huang and W. Raskind -- A multilinear generalization of the Tate pairing
  • J. Jedwab and K.-U. Schmidt -- The merit factor of binary sequence families constructed from $m$-sequences
  • N. Koblitz and A. Menezes -- Intractable problems in cryptography
  • W.-C. W. Li -- Modular curves and coding theory: A survey
  • G. L. Matthews and J. D. Peachey -- Minimal generating sets of Weierstrass semigroups of certain $m$-tuples on the norm-trace function field
  • G. McGuire and A. Zaytsev -- On the zeta functions of an optimal tower of function fields over $mathbb{F}_4$
  • H. Niederreiter -- The asymptotic theory of algebraic-geometry codes
  • V. Pepe, C. Rößing, and L. Storme -- A spectrum result on maximal partial ovoids of the generalized quadrangle $mathcal{Q}(4,q),q$ odd
  • J. Wolfmann -- Cyclic codes aspects of bent functions